SMWBC Small, Minority, and Women Owned Business Commission


The City of Tucson Small, Minority, and Women-Owned Business Commission (SMWBC) is appointed by the Mayor and Council to assist the City in determining issues in the business community that warrant attention by the City administrators and making specific actionable recommendations to Mayor and Council. The Commission has a maximum of 14 members.  Two members appointed At Large by the Mayor.  Two members appointed by each of the 6 City Council Members.  One from the Ward and one At Large. 

At-large members must be business owners or managers from companies located within the City of Tucson having no more than 100 full-time employees or  representatives from an organization located within the City of Tucson that represents the interests of small business (e.g., chambers of commerce, trade associations, economic & business development organizations).

Ward members must be business owners or managers from companies with no more than 100 full-time employees, where either the company is located within the geographical boundaries of the ward, or the member resides in the ward.

A member of the Pima County Small Business Commission shall be an ex-officio member of the Commission.


Meetings: When and Where

The SMWBC Meets on the 4th Thursday of each month at the Mayor and Council Chambers of City Hall (255 W. Alameda) unless otherwise noticed.  Agendas are posted the week of the meeting and are available online at the City Clerk's Page for the Commission.  On this page you can also find the legal description of the Commission, the data page, minutes, past agendas, and the legal action reports and summarys for previous meetings. 


Current Commissioners:                                                       

Member   Role  Appointer Type
Ms. Patricia Richardson Chair Mayor At Large
Mr. Joel Black Member Mayor At Large
Ms. Tana Fryer Member Ward 1 Ward
Ms. Shani Stewart Litz Member Ward 1 At Large
Vacant Member Ward 2 Ward
Mr. Jason Tankersley Vice Chair Ward 2 At Large
Vacant Member Ward 3 Ward
Vacant Member Ward 3 At Large
Vacant Member Ward 4 Ward
Mr. Douglas C. Jackson Member Ward 4 At Large
Ms. Alma Gallardo Member Ward 5 Ward
Mr. Ronnie Reyna Member Ward 5 At Large
Mr. Sheldon Fishman Member Ward 6 Ward
Vacant Member Ward 6 At-Large