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Climate Change Committee (CCC)

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2) Description

The CCC shall have the following functions, purposes, powers and duties: 1) Develop a Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Plan including recommendations to achieve the City's greenhouse gas reduction commitments along with strategies and steps needed to prepare for the direct and indirect effects of climate change on the City's infrastructure and operations, as well as its ecological, economic and social capital. 2) Identify and prioritize concerns and issues relating to long-term environmental, social and economic sustainability of the Tucson community. 3) Annually review the City's Sustainability Strategic Plan, provide a written report on the status of implementation of the Plan, and recommend revisions to the Mayor and Council that reflect new information or priorities for pursuing a more sustainable community. 4) Review and report to the Mayor and Council on progress toward achieving adopted sustainability goals and objectives, including those adopted in the Mayor's Climate Protection Agreement, utilizing staff of the City Manager's Office of Conservation and Sustainable Development and other sources for the information necessary for such review. 5) Frame priorities for sustainability that balance environmental protection, judicious use of resources, economic vitality, healthy communities, and social equity and that are appropriate to the specific challenges and constraints of the Sonoran Desert, and develop and propose a comprehensive set of sustainability principles to inform City policies, including the General Plan. 6) Establish methods and indicators to measure success in meeting established sustainability goals. 7) Solicit and review recommendations from other City advisory committees regarding indicators, implementation, and/or other aspects of the City's Sustainability Strategic Plan. 8) Support and sponsor community programs and projects to provide information and education to the community on ways to improve individual, business, or organizational sustainability. 9) Develop and encourage community efforts and resources for community action on sustainability. 10) Consult and cooperate with federal, state, county, city, town, or other governmental or public agencies, commissions, and committees, citizens, community groups, academic institutions, and other entities on matters relating to sustainability. 11) Consult with the Mayor and Council as requested relative to specific sustainability issues and needs that may arise.

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To be provided

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Meets as required

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No members exist for this board.

For further information please contact the City Clerk's Office at (520) 791-4213.

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