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BCC's are beginning to meet again. Until further notice and direction from the City Manager's Office, all meetings are to be conducted remotely through technological means (i.e., Microsoft Teams). Members of the public may listen in on the meetings from a computer, tablet or phone. To access the meeting, go to the agenda for the meeting you are interested in, and click on the meeting link. See screenshot below for example of login instructions if BCC is using Microsoft Teams:

Agendas, Legal Action Reports and Minutes are a major component of the Open Meeting Law and are posted online immediately after we receive them from BCC support staff and/or chairperson. Effective immediately, any revised or amended Agenda, Legal Action Report or Minutes will be posted online and the original document taken down. Please continue to send these documents a few days in advance if possible to give the public enough notice to review any agenda items. Contact the City Clerk's Office if you have any questions. Thank you for your cooperation.


Commission on Food Security, Heritage, and Economy (CFSHE)

1) Documentation:

Current AgendaPast Agendas Reports
Current LARPast LARs    
Current Minutes and AudioPast Minutes and Audio    

2) Description

The CFSHE shall have the following functions and purposes, to the extent that they are consistent with the City's strategic plan: (a) Advising the Mayor and Council on matters relating to food security, food heritage, and the food economy. (b) Providing a common forum to the member organizations for discussion and coordination of activities. (c) Fostering cooperation and efficiency among the member organizations. (d) Developing food access, food security, nutrition, and economic development goals and targets; liaison with other U.S. and international communities to identify best practices; recommending strategies to meet those goals and targets; and identifying potential funding or other resources to implement those strategies. (e) Promoting ideas, practices, and programs to increase access to healthy foods, increase demand and markets for locally-produced foods, improve local food distribution, reduce food waste, expand composting and other uses of food waste, expand food industry job opportunities, and expand food entrepreneur support. (f) Evaluating City policies and regulations for their impact on local food production, food access and security, and nutrition, and making recommendations to improve such policies and regulations. (g) At the discretion and express direction of the Mayor and Council, assuming and undertaking such other tasks or duties as would facilitate the goals and objectives of the Commission. ** 8-year term limit **

3) Maximum Number of Members


4) Meeting Location

To be provided.

5) Meeting Time

Meets as required.

6) Information Sheet

7) Members

Ms. Loni AndersonMemberMayor and CouncilPima County Health Department Nominee
Mr. Ryan ClarkMemberMayor and CouncilLocal First Arizona Nominee - Representing local restaurants/stores purchasing locally grown foods.
Ms. Joy HoughtMemberMayor and CouncilNative Seeds/SEARCH Nominee
Ms. Kara JonesMemberMayor and CouncilCommunity Food Bank of Southern Arizona Nominee
Dr. Daniel McDonaldMemberMayor and CouncilUniversity of Arizona College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Nominee
Mr. Robert OjedaMemberMayor and CouncilCommunity Food Bank of Southern Arizona Nominee
Ms. Rani OlsonChairpersonMayor and CouncilSanta Cruz Valley Heritage Alliance Nominee
Mr. Michael PeelMemberMayor and CouncilLocal First Arizona Nominee
Mr. Claudio RodriguezMemberMayor and CouncilSouthwest Folklife Alliance / Tucson Meet Yourself Nominee
Mr. Erik StanfordMemberMayor and CouncilPima County Food Alliance Nominee
Dr. Douglas TarenMemberMayor and CouncilUniversity of Arizona College of Public Health Nominee

For further information please contact the City Clerk's Office at (520) 791-4213.

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