Mental Health Monitored Probation

The Mental Health Division has placed defendants on probation with the Pima County Adult Probation Office, Tucson City Court Probation Monitoring Division and Southwest Intervention Services, a private counseling firm. The Division has coordinated these probation services with community mental health treatment agencies to guarantee that probationers receive appropriate, attainable conditions that will enhance their recovery. When probation officers and monitors are aware of and work with mental health treatment professionals, contradictory directions and duplicative conditions are avoided.


The Mental Health Division also directly monitors the probationary status of some defendants. These defendants receive conditions that are recommended to the Division by their agency’s case manager. The Court sets regular appearance dates through the probationary term that allows defendants to show proof of the completion of drug and alcohol treatment, specific mental health treatment programs, GED preparation classes and other customized conditions.


See Supervised Probation for more information on the Supervised Probation program.