Your Day in Court

Your Guide to Understanding the Process and Presenting Your Case

This information was compiled by Tucson City Court to make it easier for you to represent yourself by providing some practical information on preparing and presenting your case for trial.

Self-representation starts with understanding the rules and procedures of the courtroom. Even though you are not a lawyer, you are expected to follow the rules and procedures that are in place in Tucson City Court. If you do not follow the rules of the courtroom, you will be at a significant disadvantage when presenting your case in the courtroom.

Reading this booklet will help you begin to understand what the rules and procedures are in Tucson City Court and what to expect during your trial. In addition, inside this booklet you will find tips on how to prepare for your trial and how to present your case during trial. Although there are no guarantees of success at trial, careful preparation increases the chance that you will make your best case.

You should start preparing for your trial as soon as possible by reading through this booklet carefully. Use it while preparing for your trial and as a reminder during trial. Pay close attention to the “Do’s” and “Do Not’s” that appear in boxes throughout the following pages: