Employee Self Screening

Instructions to Employees:

  • Employees entering city facilities are required to complete the employee self-screening process.
  • Everyone who enters a city building is required to have his or her temperature checked as well as review health screening questions.
    • Each department may approach this requirement differently depending on the size and layout of buildings and the number of people entering at different access points.
    • We have established a process for employee specific access points.
  • The two downloadable pdfs and the video link below will walk you through the step by step procedure for the Employee Self Screening station.
  • Details of the Public Screening process are still being developed by individual departments.

Link to video:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJZ0Pi9ZDwI&feature=youtu.be

Employee Self Screen English

Employee Self Screen Spanish

It is the responsibility of each department to set up Employee Self-Screening stations at employee access points. You are encouraged to minimize the number of access points where possible.  Mike Bowlden from Facilities Management has been working with departments to evaluate specific solution for different department challenges. 

Employee Self-Screening Stations should include the following:

  • Designated table, short cabinet or counter with a hard surface (no cloth or fabric surfaces)
  • Area above the station to post the 3-Step instructions (Print in Ledger size in English and Spanish)
  • Bottle of hand sanitizer with pump dispenser
  • Hand held no-touch thermometer
  • Small supply of disposable masks or face covers

You can request additional supplies for your Employee Self Screening Station from Central Stores through your Resource Control Officer. 

As we progress through the reopening process, we will learn what works well and what does not.  Please let your supervisor know if you have a good idea on how to improve our employee health, safety and wellness processes.

Administrative Directive Recommended Changes

  • Administrative Directive- Rules of Conduct 2.02-5, Section II, A, recommend adding a new sub section under section 19, “Not reporting for duty or work under the influence of alcohol

20. Employees shall not report for duty or work while experiencing any of the following symptoms:

  • Temperature at or above 100.4
  • New Onset- sore throat, cough, chills, body aches, headache, diarrhea, nausea/vomiting, or runny nose unrelated to seasonal allergies.
  • If any of these symptoms develop during the work shift, the employee is to report the change in condition to his or her supervisor and take appropriate leave.
  • The employee is not to report back to work until he or she is symptom free.