Holiday Recycling

Americans throw away 25% more trash during the weeks between Thanksgiving to New Year's. The extra waste amounts to about 1 million extra tons per week! 

Please do your best to buy less and reuse what you have this holiday season. 

Here are holiday recycling tips: 

  • Treecycle: Recycle your real Christmas Tree through our TreeCycle program. Find details HERE
  • Fake Christmas Trees: If you no longer want your Christmas tree, put it up on FreeCycle, Craigslist, or donate it to a thrift store. To recycle it, take it to Recyco Inc.
  • Gift Cards: Gift cards are not recyclable. Please toss them into the trash. 
  • Lights: For lights that are no longer working, take to Suburban Miners, Elliot Electronic Supply, Simutek, SWS Electronics, or Recyco Inc. 
  • Boxes: Remove packing materials from inside, break down, and recycle in blue bin. 
  • Bows/Ribbon: Reuse if possible. These are not recyclable. 
  • Broken Ornaments: Toss in trash bin.
  • Wrapping Paper: Not recyclable if it has a metallic finish or is glittery. 
  • Tissue Paper: Not recyclable. Reuse if possible. 
  • Batteries: Alkalkine batteries are fine to toss into trash bin. Other batteries need to be taken to Household Hazardous Waste Program
  • Gift Bags: If they are just paper, they are recyclable in blue bin, but handles must be cut off. Do not recycle if they are glittery or textured. Reuse first. 
  • Aluminum: Aluminum foil can be recycled in blue bin if it is clean. Roll into a ball larger than a tennis ball. Aluminum pans can be recycled if they are rinsed clean. 
  • Plastic Bags: Never recyclable in blue bin. Take to grocery store plastic film drop off. 

Go HERE for recycling list.