Recycling Collection Schedule Changes

Recycling: This week or next week

Beginning the week of Sept. 30, residential recycling will be collected every other week. Your currect collection day of the week will not change. (i.e. if your collection day is Monday, it will continute to be Monday, just every other Monday). There will be no changes to trash collection.

Why the change?

  • Increased efficiency in recycling collections
  • Reduced costs = sustainable recycling program
  • Reduced carbon footprint

Recycling Service Schedule

Each pick-up day has been divided into A WEEK and B WEEK. To help provide a smooth transition, service maps have been developed in an effort to easily identify service boundaries. Properties north of a major roadway will be serviced during "A" service weeks and properties south of the identifying roadway will be serviced during "B" service weeks. 

What's my schedule?

You can view the service areas by day and week and type in your address to find your specific collection through our interactive story map

A bill insert with a map and schedule will be in the September bill, and each resident will receive a direct mail piece with their collection schedule and map.


Neighborhood Recycling Centers

The City of Tucson has seven Neighborhood Recycling Centers where residents can drop off any materials accepted in the Blue Barrel. These centers provide an additional option for times you may generate more recyclables than normal. These are also available to residents who live in multi-family apartment or townhome communities that do not have regular recycling collections.