Broadway - Pantano Landfill Groundwater Remediation

Broadway - Pantano Landfill

Construction of the Western Groundwater Containment Treatment FacilityThe Broadway-Pantano Remediation site includes the closed 130-acre Broadway North Landfill and groundwater contamination located west of the landfill. (View Broadway-Pantano Remediation Site Map pdf) Groundwater contamination was discovered in the late 1980s at this site. Since that time, four City of Tucson production wells and one private well were shut down due to contamination from volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

The City has worked with private well owners in the affected area to ensure their water supply is not impacted and to take action if it is. Four active private wells are sampled annually by Environmental Services Engineering & Technical Support, and the results reported directly to the well owners. The City, working with St. Joseph's Hospital, implemented a cleanup system for the active hospital well, and continues to perform regulatory sampling there.

Environmental Services Engineering & Technical Support, in cooperation with the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ), installed the western containment systen (WCS) in 2003. The system pumps and treats contaminated groundwater to prevent the existing contaminant plume from traveling any further.

ADEQ page with information on Broadway-Pantano Remediation Site

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