Irvington Landfill Groundwater Remediation

The Irvington landfill was officially closed under an Arizona Department of Environmental Quality Aquifer Protection Permit in August 2010 (Irvington Landfill Map pdf). The inactive solid waste landfill operated from 1978 to 1987. The landfill holds approximately 565,000 cubic yards of waste having a maximum thickness of 45 to 50 feet within a 14-acre footprint. Closure of the landfill included bank stabilization along Mesquite Ranch Wash west of the landfill, constructing a 3-foot thick earthen cap, planting vegetation, and installing irrigation. The site is monitored for groundwater impacts below the landfill annually and for methane at the boundary of the landfill quarterly. Methane levels at the site have always been historically low and the groundwater below the site is not contaminated.

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