Neighborhood Cleanups

Neighborhood Clean-ups can now be scheduled for events scheduled after November 1, 2020. 

If you and your neighbors would like to clean-up your neighborhood, the Environmental and General Services Department (EGSD) can help. EGSD will provide roll-off containers (dumpsters) for your use and will haul away the debris at no cost. To participate in this program, you and members of your association or group must be:

  • Residential Customers;
  • An Incorporated Homeowner’s Association or;
  • An organized group of ten or more residents who are not part of a Neighborhood Association or an incorporated HOA.

To schedule a clean up please note the following: 

  • The request for a clean up must come from the leadership of an incorporated Homeowner's Association or a group of at least 10 neighbors.
  • Provide at least a 2 weeks advance notice.
  • Neighborhood groups of 10 can reserve up to 2 roll off containers during any fiscal year (July 1st to June 30th).
  • NA/HOA Application
  • Group of 10 Application 
  • Please complete the applicable form and provide details necessary for the clean-up: dates, number of roll-offs needed, location sites; save the form and email to where EGSD will process your request.
  • Review EGSD Roll-Off Collection Service Policies  for acceptable and unacceptable items.