Environmental Services Reports and Documents

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Environmental Services General Reports

Painted Hills Natural Resource Park (Former Ore Mill Site)


Fact Sheets:

Engineering and Technical Support Reports

Environmental Investigations

  1. 1450 S. 10th Avenue, Container Maintenance Facility - Phase I Environmental Assessment Report
  2. Limited UXO Assessment--Houghton Road Property
  3. Central Energy Plant Site Assessment and Closure Report, ADEQ VRP Site 508392-00 (3mb)
  4. Central Engegy Plant Site Assessment and Closure Report, ADEZ VRP Site 508392-00 (80mb)
  5. 515 N. 9th Ave. - Phase I Environmental Assessment Report
  6. Limited Soil Assessment Report - 515 N. 9th Ave
  7. Operations and Maintenance Report, Silverbell Firing Range, August 14, 2008
  8. GEOPHYSICAL IP/RESISTIVITY SURVEY-Pima County Harrison Landfill, Tucson, Arizona September 2013
  9. Arroyo Chico Phase II April 2002: Focus on Tritium

Closure Notices

  1. 35 East Toole Final Soil Confirmation Report
  2. ADEQ No-Further-Action (Soil), Central Energy Plant
  3. ADEQ No-Further-Action, Closed Silverbell Firing Range
  4. ADEQ No-Further-Action, 35 E. Toole