Residential Recycling

Residential recycling is collected every other week. To check your schedule, go to the interactive map and type in your address or use the Recycle Coach app to view your schedule, set up reminders, or submit a service request. 

View or print the list pdf of items you should put in your blue bin. 


Not sure if can go in your Blue Barrel? Use the Recycle Coach app to find the best place for all your unwanted stuff.

Curbside Recycling

Put loose recyclables in your Blue Barrel to be picked up every other week. Not sure of your collection day? Go to our interactive map and type in your address for your recycling collection dates.

Neighborhood Recycling Centers

Drop-off any recyclables accepted in the Blue Barrel Recycling Program at these locations

Other Waste Reduction Programs

Brush & Bulky

Household Hazardous Waste

Christmas TreeCycle. Call 791-5000 or visit KnowWhereToThrow.

Guidelines for Blue Barrel Recycling

  • No plastic grocery bags (find out why)
  • No garbage
  • Please make sure materials are clean, empty, and dry
  • Set out your blue barrel for collection when it is more than half full to decrease fuel consumption and air pollution
  • Have barrel at curb by 6 a.m. and 3 ft. away from fixed objects and other containers to ensure service 
  • Leave labels on containers
  • Bottle and jar caps and lids can be recycled, but only if left on
  • Lightly rinse food containers. Use water wisely - throw very dirty items into the garbage
  • All recyclables go loose into the Blue Barrel, together - - no sorting! Please put them in individually, not inside a box or bag
  • Do not flatten cans and bottles to ensure sorting equipment works properly
  • Cut or flatten corrugated cardboard boxes to fit in container. Remove plastic wrapping and liners
  • Shredded paper may be recycled in the Blue Barrel if it is secured in a clear plastic bag
    NOTE: This is the only time that plastic bags can go in the recycling container

Thanks for saving resources, energy and landfill space by recycling.