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Tucson Recycles Informational Videos

blue barrelCity residents who have curbside recycling and trash pickup and small businesses who have City garbage service in plastic containers have blue recycling barrels in the Tucson Recycles Program and may need more information on the City's recycling system or trash system and how it works.

The following videos provide more details about both systems, recycling and trash, so that you can better understand what is recyclable and what is not, where your recyclables end up, how they are sorted, etc, in addition to showing where your trash ends up and how the Los Reales Landfill functions. View the hilarious and educational videos below to see and learn about the City of Tucson's recycling and trash systems.


Tucson Recycles: Once a week Tucson residents push blue barrels filled with recyclables to the curb for pickup. But what happens next? And what can and can't be recycled? Sam the Cooking Guy has some answers.

Sam The Cooking Guy: "Tucson Recycles"

Sam the Cooking Guy Goes to Los Reales Landfill: The Los Reales Landfill is much more than a dump. Take a trip with Sam the Cooking Guy to discover a high-tech facility that uses the latest technology to safely dispose of Tucson's solid waste.

Sam The Cooking Guy: "Goes to the Los Reales Landfill"