Tucson Collaborative Community Care (TC-3)


To reduce and prevent 911 calls by identifying the root cause of EMS system reliance through the client’s perspective and then addressing those needs by activating and collaborating with community resources.




  • Reduce and prevent overload of the emergency system.
  • Maintain 911 and emergency department reliability to keep medical units
    in service and hospital beds open for time sensitive patients.  
  • Increase awareness of and access to community resources.
  • Improve patient and provider quality of life.


Tucson Collaborative Community Care began with two fire personnel visiting the homes of individuals who frequently called 911.  They soon discovered that when they took the time to listen and understand problems from the client’s perspective and then utilize existing resources within the Tucson community to address those problems that their client’s 911 utilizations dropped drastically.  Since then the program has continually evolved to its modern form.  This includes Firefighter, Paramedic, Nurse Navigators and a support staff which include personnel from both Tucson Fire and Tucson Medical Center.


Support staff will process referrals from field crews and complete preliminary phone calls when possible.  Two Navigators will then visit the client.  The Navigators then listen to the client in order to understand the situation from their perspective.  After understanding the client’s needs from their point of view they will collaborate with various community organizations to address those needs.

The Team:


Firefighter Jenny La Coss

Firefighter Zach Graham

Julieta Scroggs, RN


Firefighter William Simons

AA, Ana Mesa

Fire Captain:

Christopher Don, MS

TMC Program Manager:

Karen Critchley, RN, BSN

TMC Program Manager:

Work in Progress - be back soon






Community Partners

A vulnerable community member calling 9-1-1 frequently may be in need of a different type of response and support other than dispatching an Engine crew or transporting them to the hospital.  Tucson Fire's TC-3 Program, working through many robust community partnerships, connects those callers to resources and entities that can help address social determinants of health.  Our community partnerships include but are not limited to behavorial health agencies, pet welfare, housing, and durable medical equipment.  Tucson Fire's TC-3 partnerships with these community based organizations enable us to better serve our vulnerable community members.  


Connect With & Support Us

If you would like to collaborate with the Tucson Fire TC-3 Team, send an email to TucsonFireQuestion@tucsonaz.gov and include TC-3 in the Subject line.  Tucson Fire's TC-3 program is able to receive donations through the "Donate" button located near the top right of any City of Tucson webpage.  Donations are tax deductible.