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Comprehensive City Web Map.


City Services

Neighborhood, School, Trash/recycling
pick-up and other misc information.

Financial and Zoning Incentives.

Non-Residential Parking 
Location and availability of
non-residential parking permits.

Streetcar Investment
Development opportunities 
along the streetcar route.


Planning and Development

PRO/Planning & Development Services 
Planning & Zoning, Building Safety, Engineering, Landscape and Floodplain data layers.

Planning & Development Services 
See Development, Floodplain and Stormwater, and other pertinent layers for Planning & Zoning, Building Safety, Engineering, Landscape and Floodplain information on MapTucson.

Land Use Plans

Major Streets and Routes (MS&R)

Airport Environ Zone (AEZ)


City Owned Property

Real Estate 
To view Land owned by the City of Tucson on MapTucson use the Government Property layer. 


Transportation Related

General Transportation 
For Transportation information on MapTucson see the Streets, Transit Services, and other related data layers.

Maps & Records/Survey 
This is the location to view geo-referenced records held by Maps & Records.  Our records are listed under the Plan Library layer.  Note: not all of our records are geo-reference and will not appear on MapTucson.  For a complete listing of all our records click on the Plans and Drawings link below.

Maps and Records / Plans & Drawings
Detailed searches on Survey and Plan records

Hydrologic and Wash data layers


Historic and Housing

Housing and Community Development 
Neighborhoods, Liquor Licenses, Code Enforcement, Historic Preservation, Voting Precincts and Housing Rehab

Historic Property 
Historic Preservation and Contributing Properites


Environmental Services

Environmental Concerns 


Pima County