Fraud and Criminal Activity

The Housing Authority has a Program integrity officer who investigates allegations of suspected fraud or criminal activity by Program participants and landlords receiving federal funds through contracts with the Housing Authority.

What is Fraud?


  • Failure to report all income or assets of all household members
  • Knowingly under-reporting income or assets of all household members
  • Using false identity or Social Security Numbers
  • Using false documents such as birth certificates, marriage licenses, or deeds
  • Giving an incorrect number of family members in the household
  • Obtaining duplicate assistance or subletting all or part of the unit
  • Renting from a family member
  • Participating in drug activity or violent criminal activity


  • Charging additional rent or side payments
  • Renting to a family member
  • Living in the Subsidized units

Offenders may face prison terms, probation, mandatory restitution and termination from housing assistance. Please call for further information.

To Report Fraud or Criminal Activity

Call (520) 837-5347

When reporting fraud or crime, please be as specific as possible regarding the fraudulent activities. When leaving a message you may leave your name and a phone number with the best time to contact you. You may also choose to remain anonymous.