NEWS RELEASE: City of Tucson Receives More Than 15,000 Pre-Applications for Affordable Housing Waitlist

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The City of Tucson and the Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) completed the first round of the re-opened affordable housing waitlist on Jan. 24 with more than 15,000 pre-applications

HCD Director Liz Morales called the pre-application, three-week period a success.

“As expected, there is a great need for affordable housing by Tucson residents. The City of Tucson Housing Authority is committed to connecting the housing assistance to those who applied as quickly and easily as possible,” Morales said. 

The pre-application was preceded by several months of planning by HCD staff and collaboration with community partners. HCD’s partners made their computers available to residents, who did not have access to computers or smart phones, to complete their applications. They include Tucson City Parks and Recreation Department, Tucson Unified School District, Pima Public Library, Pima County Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation, Pima County Workforce Development, Chicanos por la Causa, Sunnyside Unified School District, Primavera Drop-In Center, and Sister Jose Women’s Center. In addition, other partners, including the Flowing Wells Unified School District, Amphitheater Public Schools, Casa Maria Soup Kitchen, Catholic Social Services, distributed flyers both digitally and paper, in seven foreign languages.

  1. A selection of applicants by computer will be placed on the waitlist.
  2. By February 15, applicants will be contacted. The notice will invite applicants to register on the Applicant Portal where applicants can update information and stay informed on their housing application status. Assistance with the Applicant Portal will be available from HCD staff.
  3. In March, HCD will start contacting applicants based on order of the lottery and preferences.
  4. Applicants selected will receive by mail an application packet and instructions to complete to determine eligibility for the housing program. Staff will assist applicants in completing the information.

The waitlist will remain open. Residents can continue to apply for the waitlist at any time at this website. Names will be added periodically to the waitlist.

HCD estimates it will take approximately 30 to 60 days to determine eligibility. The City expects to serve approximately 2,000 applicants in the first year, through December 2023. Lotteries will continue to be conducted.

Applicants with questions can contact HCD by email at, or by phone at (520) 791-5840.