Eviction Prevention/Emergency Rent and Utility Assistance Funds Available

Tucson's Mayor and  Council approved spending $27.1 million ($19.1 million from the City of Tucson and $8 million from Pima County) for the Tucson and Pima County Eviction Prevention/Emergency Rent and Utility Relief Program. Limited funds remain.

Through the coordinated efforts of the City, County, and the Community Investment Corporation, both tenants and landlords/property managers (acting on behalf of tenants) can now apply for funds.

Dual enrollment of tenants and landlords is accepted. Funding requests for unpaid rent and utilities are available for up to 12 months in arrears, and three months in advance.

For information, eligibility requirements, and to apply online, visit the Tucson and Pima County Eviction Prevention Program website linked below. Those without internet access can call (520) 447-4423 to apply. Bilingual case managers are available.

Resources Toward Eviction Prevention

Option 1:  Emergency Rental Housing Assistance Program (ERAP)

Community Investment Corp. (CIC) still has ample rental and utility assistance available.  People can call or visit the website to apply for assistance. The phone number for assistance is (520) 447-4423.

Option 2:  Constables

The constables are working directly with Community Investment Corp., and are able to get help for people who are at risk of being evicted.  If a tenant has received a notice of eviction, they should communicate with the constable. For more information, please contact Constable Randall at (520) 850-3973.

Option 3:  Primavera Foundation and Community Investment Corp.

Community Investment Corp. has a contract with the Primavera Foundation to assist people who are being evicted. Primavera will provide navigation and resources to help people find another place to live. CIC also has resources to help pay for deposits and up to three months of rent. Primavera’s phone number is (520) 308-3079.

Option 4:  City of Tucson, Housing and Community Development Department (HCD) 

HCD has designated a staff person to act as a resource for people who are being evicted. Please call HCD at (520) 791-4171 or email Eviction-Help@tucsonaz.gov for assistance and referrals. 

Option 5:  Tucson Pima Collaboration to End Homelessness

If a household is within 14 days of losing their housing (meaning that the household will be locked out within 14 days), the household should complete a Coordinated Entry assessment for homelessness prevention. Coordinated Entry assessment can be completed at any location listed at www.tpch.net/coordinatedentry.