We Are One|Somos Uno Resiliency Fund Child Care Scholarships

The We Are One/Somos Uno child care scholarship fund is now accepting applications. Using the City of Tucson’s CARES Act funds, Mayor and Council approved $500,000 to assist families with child care expenses during the pandemic.

Catholic Community Services of Southern Arizona is distributing scholarships on the City’s behalf of up to $2,275 per child with no limit to the number of children in a family. 

The child care scholarships will cover expenses for children 12 years and younger for families residing in the City of Tucson or City of South Tucson. Families can receive assistance for children currently enrolled in child care and/or newly enrolling children. Child care expenses will be paid directly to the provider. The program runs through December 31, 2020, or until funds are expended. 

The application, along with eligibility requirements for families and childcare providers, can be found at the Catholic Community Services website