Employee Development

Employee Development works with departments to facilitate workplace learning solutions targeted to performance issues, development needs and emerging organizational challenges by means of training, coaching, employee engagement, and collaborative process facilitation. Programs include citywide and department specific courses and curricula through CityLearn, Tuition Reimbursement, New Employee Welcome (NEW), Internship Placement opportunities, as well as facilitation of department processes and citywide collaborative efforts.

CityLearn (http://citylearn.tucsonaz.gov) is a digital learning environment and learning management tool.  Human Resources Employee Development is responsible for site administration, instructional design and development of citywide online and blended courses, and coordination of the CityLearn Partnership Team (Police, Fire, Water, Parks & Recreation, IT and Human Resources).  Our vision is to create open access to workplace learning for our employees at their job site and at home 24/7. 

Our purpose it is to:

o Use technology to adapt to the changing needs and resources of the organization, and create a digital learning environment,
o Support and enhance excellent performance on the job, by expanding employee skills,
o Use digital communication to build more connected, effective and efficient ways of interacting with data, and collaborating, learning and working with fellow employees.

Tuition Reimbursement is a tuition assistance program; the objective is to provide a means for employees to upgrade skills, become more efficient at work and improve the quality of city services.  Tuition reimbursement is made available to eligible employees who have successfully completed education courses which are related to either their current position or to other work or services performed by the City of Tucson.  Reimbursement is made available for courses completed at a grade of C or better at accredited colleges and universities within the fiscal year, and is capped at an annual maximum for all employees. Tuition Reimbursement is administered online through CityLearn.

New Employee Welcome (NEW) is new hire orientation and includes an introduction to city government (Government 101), city services as the cornerstone of community, essential city policies, workplace safety, as well as insurance and retirement benefits.  NEW is presented as hiring demands. The insurance presentations are available to new hires and all employees as online presentations in CityLearn.