Phone Apps

Graffiti Reporting

Graffiti Protective Coatings and the City of Tucson have created a free application for reporting graffiti. To download the app, search for MyTucson on the iPhone App Store and Android Market.

My Waste

You'll never again lose track of your collection day with a pick-up schedule customized for your location. 'my-waste' can remind you in advance of all collection days. Find out the proper recycling/disposal procedure for hundreds of materials. Find the MyWaste app at iPhone App Store and Android Market.

See. Click. Fix.


 Use your cell phone to photograph and report potholes, abandoned cars, illegal dumping, water waste and more. Download from the See Click Fix website, the iPhone App Store, or the Android Market.

Tucson Realtime Traffic Conditions

Realtime traffic information is available on Google Maps.  To view on your computer or smart phone go to Google Maps and turn on the "Traffic" layer.