Mayor Romero Statement on Governor Ducey’s Exceutive Order

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Thursday, March 25th 
Contact: Nate Sigal 
(520) 444-3007 

Mayor Romero Statement on Governor Ducey’s Exceutive Order 

“Governor Ducey’s actions are pre-mature and will jeopardize Arizona lives unnecessarily. The vast majority of Arizonans are not fully vaccinated and the threat of more contagious, lethal variants remains. It is unfortunate that Governor Ducey is caving to political pressure from the far-right and hopping on the band-wagon of reckless actions of other Governors instead of following the science and doing what’s best for Arizonans.     

“Removing local mask requirements is not linked to spurring our economy, as the Governor suggests. On the contrary, his actions could exacerbate community transmission, prolonging the pandemic and delaying a full and permanent re-opening of our economy.   

“Our City Attorney has advised me that we have clear local authority to continue implementing our city mask mandate. As Mayor, I have no intention of removing our local mask wearing requirement. Last summer, I announced that we would proceed with implementing a local mask mandate before the Governor untied our hands precisely because we know we have the legal authority. Here in Tucson, we will continue to follow the science and advice of our public health experts.”