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Paul's Note - July 15, 2022

City policy makers hear a lot about aging in place. Many older adults do better when they age in a neighborhood with friends and family nearby rather than in situations which tend to isolate them. The needs of citizens aging in place play a big role in recent changes in both housing and zoning policies.

COVID-19 showed many of us how much of an issue isolation can be. Also, living alone can be a challenge as a person gets older and needs to deal with expenses and chores.

Paul's Note - July 8, 2022

Some new faces will be joining the upper ranks of the Tucson Police Department, and it means that you will be seeing new leadership at Operations Division East, the division that handles calls in most of Ward 2. 

Assistant Chief John Strader has left his job at TPD to become a deputy county attorney. Both Captains Christopher Dennison and Monica Prieto (who was once a lieutenant in ODE) have moved to assistant chief. 

Paul's Note - July 1, 2022

A few years ago, Environmental Services moved the neighborhood recycling center from Udall Park to the parking lot at the Ward 2 office. 

One of the main reasons for the move was that people were using the NRC to dump trash. Environmental Services reported that everything from couches to televisions to, in one instance, a dead cat. Needless to say, that is not appropriate.

Paul's Note - June 24, 2022

My office will be giving $20,000 to Community Home Repair Projects of Arizona.  CHRPA helps lower income residents with emergency home repairs as well as provides home modifications for people with disabilities. 

CHRPA started off in 1982 as a project by the local Mennonite community. They now serve 1,500 of our low income and disabled residents every year. 


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