NewsNet 07-09-14

CITY COUNCIL RECOGNIZES CITY MANAGER MIRANDA - City Council Members took the time last night to give a public thank you to City Manager Richard Miranda. The Council meeting was Miranda's last before his retirement on July 31. A Tucson native, Miranda has served his community for nearly forty years and lead the City through some of its toughest financial challenges. Mayor Jonathan Rothschild said, "the qualities that you possess in abundance — integrity, reliability, stability — were exactly what this city needed as we rebuilt trust with our constituents." Read Arizona Daily Star's story about Miranda's retirement from the City of Tucson.

TRANSIT TALK FRIDAY - Transportation planner and educator Jarrett Walker will lead a public discussion about how good planning and an improved transit system can enhance the quality of life in Tucson. Walker is the author of the book "Human Transit: How Clearer Thinking about Public Transit Can Enrich Our Communities and Our Lives." He also writes the blog "Human Transit." His talk will be held Friday night at Tucson Electric Power Company headquarters, 88 E. Broadway. Doors open at 5 p.m. for a reception, and the free presentation begins at 6 p.m. Ward 3 Council Member Karin Uhlich is one of the many sponsors of the event. Read the Ward 3 news release.

TUCSON WATER BEGINS RECYCLED WATER PROGRAM - Tucson Water announced that it has completed a master plan for the development of recycled water as a future drinking water source. After thirty years of success with supplying reclaimed water systems to parks, schoolyards, and some neighborhoods, Tucson Water is confident that purification technology is available to ensure safe drinking water. Although the development of recycled water will take several years, ongoing drought and climate changes have made the program a priority. "The City of Tucson leadership has always supported Tucson Water in planning far in advance to make sure we have a safe, reliable water supply for the future," said Tucson Water Director Alan Forrest. Read the Tucson Water News Release.

SUMMER MEANS POETRY DOWNTOWN - The UA Poetry Center is hosting a short series of Walt Whitman Circle Summer Social events, taking place at Hotel Congress. Each event is slated to begin about a half-hour before the speaker takes the podium to allow attendees time to partake in snacks and conversation. The next event, Poetry in Partnership, is scheduled for July 23 and will focus on ways poetry will play an ongoing role with the Sun Link Streetcar (which begins passenger service two days later). The final event will take place on August 13, discussing the relationship between poetry and the financial markets. Read more from Downtown Tucsonan.

TRACK THE REMNANTS OF ICONIC MINIATURE GOLF BUSINESS - Magic Carpet Golf on East Speedway closed in 2008, but memories live on for those who grew up in Tucson. Even though the business is gone, much of it remains around Tucson. The big statues/obstacles have new homes around the city, and the neon sign now rests with others on West Drachman Street, near Pima Community College. There's even an interactive Google map to track the locations of where everything went. In 2011, the City of Tucson's Historic Landmark Signs Preservation Program was created to encourage voluntary preservation of historically-significant older signs, which often are larger than current sign code allows. Once designated as historic, the signs can be repaired, restored, adaptively-reused, and even relocated.