City Manager Michael Ortega Wins State Award

Tucson City Manager Michael Ortega recently won the John J. DeBolske Professional Excellence Award from the Arizona City/County Management Association (ACMA).

The award was created in 1997 to recognize city/county managers who demonstrate the highest level of professional excellence in local government and who have made life contributions in serving the profession. The award recognizes Ortega’s strong leadership, professional network, mentoring, and integrity he brings to his job.

Sun Tran's ‘Ride With Respect’ Video Series is Online

To encourage a positive experience for passengers and operators, Sun Tran developed a bus riding etiquette campaign, called Ride with Respect. In the related video series “That’s How We Roll," local children's entertainer Mr. Nature covers riding-etiquette topics like moving over for seniors and disabled people, keeping the aisle clear, speaking at a low volume, using headphones, not drinking or eating on the bus, and being respectful to drivers and other passengers.