Power Wheels Fun Race

Tucson Parks and Recreation Power Wheels Fun Race

Ages 3-8 - Saturday, April 15, 2023
900 S. Randolph Way

Register at EZEEreg.com beginning Mar 6, at 8 a.m.


3-4 years - Start at 10 a.m.
5-6 years – Start at 11 a.m. (time is approximate; start after 3–4-years)
7-8 years – Start at Noon (time is approximate; start after 5-6 years)

Safety Gear and Attire

  • Participants will be required to wear at a minimum, a bicycle helmet, jeans or similar long pants and tennis shoes or boots. Flip flops, sandals or open toe footwear are NOT permitted.
  • First-Aid and water station will be available


  • Stock Power Wheels Only. No modifications are permitted. Must have four wheels.
  • Only battery Power Wheels permitted. Max 12-volt battery.
  • Vehicles will be inspected at check in.
  • The drivers body must be fully contained in the vehicles. Vehicles where the legs are on the outside (example 4-wheelers or tractors) are not allowed.
  • Must sit in the vehicle, not a sit on vehicle.
  • Traction devices or studs are not allowed in tires.
  • No bumpers, weights, or anything to reinforce the vehicle is allowed.
  • Each child must have their own vehicle. No riders allowed.


  • Only one parent/guardian is allowed in the Power Wheels infield. This person is allowed to walk along the inside of the track to help encourage.
  • All other parents and fans can cheer from the sidelines

Open to boys and girls ages 3-8 years old. COED races.


  • 3-4 years– Start at 10 a.m.
  • 5 -6 years – Start at 11 a.m. (time is approximate; start after 3–4-years)
  • 7-8 years – Start at Noon (time is approximate; start after 5-6 years)

We will run heats; 5 to 6 vehicles at a time. Placing in heats determines when they will race again. Each child is guaranteed two races. Races will continue until there are 5 to 6 racers left who will then compete in the Championship heat.


  • No day of registration. Parents/guardians must register by April 11 online at Ezeereg.com.
  • Cost: $5.00 per racer.
  • Maximum of 50 racers per age group.
  • All participants will receive a participation ribbon. Trophies will be given to top three places that run in the championship heat per class/age group.

Day of the Race

  • Check in:
    • 9-9:30am for 3-4 years
    • 10-10:30am for 5-6 years
    • 11-11:30am for 7-8 years
  • All racers must be checked in 30 minutes prior to their division start times.
  • Vehicle inspections at the time of check in. Then vehicles are put in the staging area.
  • Vehicles will be given a number at check in. The number must be taped to each side of the vehicle.
  • Practice lap. Each participant will get one practice lap prior to the races beginning.
    • 9:30-9:40am for 3-4 years
    • 10:30-10:40am for 5-6 years
    • 11:30-11:40am for 7-8 years
  • Driver’s/pit parent meeting 15 minutes prior to the first race in each age division.
    • 3-4 years at 9:45am
    • 5-6 years at 10:45am
    • 7-8 years at 11:45am
  • Drivers are not allowed to get out of their vehicles until the race stops or an official tells them to.