Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience we have listed commonly asked questions from the public about our various programs, facilities and services. These are divided by major categories to assist you.

Aquatics Facilities General Information Ramada/Park Reservations


Do you offer financial assistance?
A 50% discount may be applied to selected therapeutic programs. A 25% discount may be applied to the purchase of swimming passes and group swimming lessons for children. City of Tucson residents may apply for this discount at Class Registration Services or at most recreation centers.

For further information check the Activity Guide or call 520-791-4877.

How do I register for summer swim lessons?
When registration for summer swim lessons becomes available, please follow these two easy steps:
  1. Register using (make sure to print your receipt), or call Registration Services at 520-791-4877
  2. Take your confirmation receipt to the pool of your choice during recreation and family swim times. Refer to the Activity Guide for times
Which pools are heated in the winter?
The pools listed below are heated to 82 degrees (F.) during the months they are open. Temperatures may vary due to changes in the weather.
  • Year-round pools: Catalina, Clements, Edith Ball Adaptive Recreation Center, and Sunnyside
  • Extended season pools: Amphitheater, Archer, El Pueblo (closed due to maintenance), Ft. Lowell, Quincie Douglas, and Udall. (All extended pools are open April 1 through November 6)
How do I rent a pool?
For information about pool use by community groups, call 520-791-4245.
How do I become a lifeguard?
All classes – Lifeguard Training, First Aid, CPR/FPR, and WSI (for instructors) – are scheduled through the American Red Cross. City of Tucson screenings for applicants with current certification are held in December, March, April, and May. Find specific information in the fall and spring Activity Guide or call 791-4245.
What is the lap swimming schedule at a specific pool?
Pool addresses and seasonal schedules are posted on the Pools and Splash Pads page and are printed in the Activity Guide.
What is the Adaptive Recreation Center?
The Edith Ball Adaptive Recreation Center (ARC) is a fully accessible, state-of-the-art facility that offers both specialized and inclusive programs for persons with disabilities as well as general use participants. The facility contains two pools.

The heated outdoor recreational pool, covered by a large shade structure, has a zero-depth entry, a “sprayground” water feature, four lap lanes, and a walking channel with a current to provide resistance during water walking exercise. The heated indoor therapy pool is used exclusively by persons with disabilities, and a variety of classes are offered. This pool is also available for rental to certified therapists to provide rehabilitative services to their private clients.

What training does the ARC staff have?
All ARC staff have training as lifeguards, and most of the staff have training above and beyond lifeguarding as Water Safety Instructors (WSIs). ARC staff includes positions for two Recreational Therapists and a Recreation Specialist, all of which require a Bachelor's degree and training specific to working with people with disabilities. Most of our WSIs and lifeguards have a credential in “Teacher of Adaptive Aquatics,” which is an intensive, three-day training involving instruction and hands-on experience with persons with disabilities.

After the training, students must pass a written test to receive their credential in Adaptive Aquatics. We value training and education and are very proud of our staff and their accomplishments.


How many recreation centers do you have?
There are 17 recreation centers including:

Regional Centers serve a wide geographic area of the City of Tucson, and these facilities are larger than other centers. Amenities include indoor gymnasiums, indoor or outdoor walking tracks, fitness centers and/or adjacent service/program buildings.

  • El Pueblo Activity Center / El Pueblo Senior Center
  • Morris K. Udall Regional Center / Carol West Senior Addition
  • William M. Clements Regional Center

Neighborhood Centers serve a smaller geographic area of the community and are distinguished by offering a variety of community/human services, which include wellness, nutrition and/or education.

  • Armory Senior Center
  • El Pueblo Neighborhood Center
  • El Rio Neighborhood Center
  • Fred Archer Neighborhood Center
  • Donna Liggins Recreation Center
  • Quincie Douglas Neighborhood Center
  • Santa Rosa Neighborhood Center

Recreation Centers serve a small geographic area of the community and offer limited programs and services. Special interest centers serve the needs of a specific community audience, usually with special needs.

  • Cherry Avenue Recreation Center
  • Edith Ball Adaptive Recreation Center
  • Freedom Recreation Center
  • Marty Birdman Recreation Center
  • Oury Recreation Center
  • Randolph Recreation Center
  • Therapeutic Recreation Center
How many tennis courts does the city have and where are they?
The City actively maintains 53 tennis courts; they are located at:
  • Randolph Tennis Center – 25
  • Himmel Tennis Center – 8
  • Ft. Lowell Tennis Center – 8
  • Udall Park – 4
  • Gollob Park – 4
  • Kennedy Park – 2
What benefits are there for City residents using your facilities?
While you do not need to be a resident of the City of Tucson to use our facilities, City of Tucson residents do receive these benefits:
  • A reduced rate, while non-City residents are asked to pay a regular rate for programs and activities
  • Early registration privileges
  • Eligible for a Discount Program for low income families
Where are your Administrative Offices?
  • Parks Administration
    900 South Randolph Way 85716
  • Reid Park Zoo
    1100 S. Randolph Way 85716

Ramada/Park Reservations

What are the times and fees?
Ramadas are reserved in two daily session options:

Fields are reserved in:

  • Three-hour increments during the day and before 6:00 pm (unlighted)
  • Two-hour increments in the evening from 6:00 pm-8:00 pm and/or 8:00 pm-10:00 pm (lighted)
  • Field reservation rates
  • Reservable within 30 days at all administration offices
  • Reservable more than 30 days prior must call the Sports Office at 791-4870
Do I have to leave a reserved ramada at 7:00 pm?
Ramadas are available on a first come, first served basis after 7:00 pm. If you have the ramada reserved until 7:00 p.m., you may stay until the park closes.
Can I have amusement equipment?
Most amusement equipment are permitted in the parks; however, district approval no less than 3 business days to event is required. The vendor you select must have a permit on file with Parks and Recreation prior to your event and have current insurance.
Amusement Equipment Vendors
Can I have a DJ?
Amplified music is permitted in most parks; however, district approval is required. Unless in an amphitheater, all amplified music must be shut off by sundown.
When do I have to pay for my ramada?
Payment is due within a week from the date that you make the reservation. If you make a reservation for the coming weekend, payment will be due by Noon on Thursday. 
How far in advance can I reserve a ramada?
Ramadas can be reserved up to one year in advance.
Do we have to reserve picnic tables in the park also?
The picnic tables in the park are first come, first served.
Can someone else come in and pay for a ramada?
Yes, but whomever comes to pay for the ramada must bring the rental number with them. Remember, if you are also purchasing a beer permit, whomever signs the beer permit must be at least 21 years of age and is responsible for all drinkers associated with the party.
Can I pay for a ramada at any Parks and Recreation facility?
Yes, just bring your rental number.
Do I need any permits?
A beer permit is required to legally consume beer in any City of Tucson park, and you must be 21 years of age to obtain a beer permit. Remember that the person who signs for a beer permit is responsible for the conduct of those who consume beer in the group. A vendor permit is required for any activity involving an exchange of money. See the Reservations and Rentals page for more information.

General Information

Do you offer financial assistance?
The Discount Program is available for City of Tucson residents only. It is based on annual income and household size. The Discount Program is available for certain programs and classes. Address verification and photo ID are required.
As a resident and a taxpayer, why do I have to pay fees?
The City of Tucson Parks and Recreation Department offers diversified leisure services to its residents. Historically, these services have been financed by appropriation of tax dollars from the City's General Fund and from general obligation bonds. Generally speaking, City of Tucson residents have previously paid for their parks, programs and facilities primarily through taxation.

Tucson's growing population has increased demand for new, expanded and even more diversified facilities and services. Costs for land and capital projects have also increased, as have operational expenses. These trends coupled with increased competition for City tax dollars by other departments have resulted in a greater emphasis on generating non-tax revenues. Alternative sources of revenue are becoming more critical for the operation of parks and facilities.

Present day economic reality and limited funding make it necessary to recover at least a portion of the costs incurred in the provision of parks and recreation services. While all City of Tucson residents pay various taxes to support the General Fund, individual taxpayers may benefit in varying degrees from the services provided.

The department attempts to balance the cost-to-benefit ratio by providing certain basic facilities and services without a fee for participation or use while charging user/participant fees and charges for those facilities and services offering extended or specialized services.

How many parks does the City have?
The City of Tucson has 126 parks.
Where are your dog parks?
Seven off-leash dog areas, located throughout the City, are maintained and operated by Parks and Recreation.
Where can I go fishing?
Three Urban Fishing Program lakes are located within the City of Tucson – Silverbell (northwest area), Kennedy (southeast area) and Lakeside (east area). The Program is operated by the Arizona Game and Fish Department – 520-628-5376.
Which parks have walking trails?
  • Abraham Lincoln Park
  • Case Park
  • Greasewood Park
  • Rio Vista Natural Resources Park
  • San Gabriel Park

Multi-use Path:

  • Abraham Lincoln Park
  • Bravo Park
  • Dunbar Park
  • Freedom Park
  • Ft. Lowell Park
  • Gene C. Reid Park
  • Golf Links Sports Complex
  • Greasewood Park
  • Iron Horse Park
  • Jacobs Park
  • Jefferson Park Elementary School
  • Lakeside Park
  • Mariposa Park
  • Mission Manor Park
  • Morris K. Udall Park
  • Purple Heart Park
  • Richey Elementary School
  • Rodeo Wash Park
  • Rudy Garcia Park
  • San Juan Park
  • Santa Cruz River Park
  • Santa Rosa Park
  • Silverlake Park
Who can I call if something needs to be fixed at a park?
During business hours Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m.-5 p.m., you can call any of the District Offices:
  • Administration Office, 900 S. Randolph Way, 520-791-4873, option #5

After-hours, weekends/holidays: Please call 520-791-4144, option #2 (Communications)

Who enforces park rules, especially on weekends?
Rules are enforced by Park Monitors in designated parks and the Tucson Police Department.
How do I register for programs?
You will need the following information before you register:
  • Client Code
  • Account PIN
  • Course Code
  • Visa/MasterCard/Discover credit or debit card or prepaid account (if you do not have a credit or debit card)

* Participant must meet age criteria.
* Make sure Registration Services (520-791-4877) has your current mailing address and phone number.

There are 4 easy ways to register for leisure classes and programs:

  1. Online Registration
  2. Mail-in Registration
    Complete the Class Registration Form.
    * begins Monday after EZEEreg Registration.
    Make checks or money order payable to 'City of Tucson'.
    * No out-of-state checks accepted.
    MasterCard, Visa and Discover cards are also accepted.

    Mail Class Registration Form with a business size, self-addressed stamped envelope to:
    Registration Services
    900 S. Randolph Way
    Tucson, AZ 85716

  3. Walk-in Registration
    Visit the Registration Services Office at
    900 S. Randolph Way
    Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00 am-5:00 pm
    * begins Monday after EZEEreg Registration
  4. Live Phone-in Registration
    Call 520-791-4877.
    Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00 am-5:00 pm
    * begins Wednesday after EZEEreg Registration.
    * Payment by credit or debit card only.
Can I register online?
Yes, you can register online using the Online Registration system.
How do I apply for a job?
To obtain information about employment opportunities, please visit the online City of Tucson Employment Center.
Where are public computers available?
Tucson Parks and Recreation has public computers available at these Centers:
  • El Pueblo Activity Center/El Pueblo Senior Center
  • William M. Clements Regional Center
  • Armory Senior Center
  • El Pueblo Neighborhood Center
  • El Rio Neighborhood Center
  • Fred Archer Neighborhood Center
  • Donna Liggins Recreation Center
  • Quincie Douglas Neighborhood Center
  • Santa Rosa Neighborhood Center
  • Freedom Recreation Center
  • Oury Recreation Center

*Computer lab rules and times available vary by center.