All Application Forms & Submittal Requirements

The City of Tucson will issue the appropriate activity number when you come into our office. Information necessary for each application is listed on the individual forms. All of these forms can be printed out and brought into our office.

Several of these forms can now be filled out online and then printed. They cannot, however, be e-mailed to our office or saved to your computer. They require Adobe Acrobat to view, download and print.

All forms are in PDF format.

Adult Care for 6-10 Occupants

Advanced Payment Account (APA) Application, Instructions & Fax Form

Appeal of Design Development Option (DDO) for Applicant

Appeal of Design Development Option (DDO) for Non-Applicant

Appeal of PDSD Director Special Exception

Appeal of Zoning Administrator Determination

Appeal of Zoning Examiner Special Exception Decisions

Appeal to the Building Official (Petition of Appeal)

Assurance Release Request (Engineering)

Board of Adjustment and Design Review Board Deadlines and Meeting Schedules

Board of Adjustment Variance - Reviewed under UDC

Bond Exemption Certificate Information

Cell Tower Notification Form (complete form required at first submittal)

Certificate of Occupancy Application

Change of Condition Application Form

Checklist for Minor Development Changes to Existing Commercial/Industrial Site

Child Daycare Checklist

Lista de Articulos para Guarderia

Code Analysis Data Sheet

Circus, Carnival & Tent Shows

Commercial Plan Review Submittal Requirements

Covenant Regarding Development and Use of Real Property

Demolition Confirmation Notice Statement

Demolition Review

Demolition (Historic and Older Structures) Application and General Information

Demolition Ordinance 10776

Design Development Option (DDO) Building Setback & Patio Wall Height - UDC

Design Development Option (DDO) Landscaping & Screening - UDC

Design Review Board (DRB) General Application

Development Package Application

Energy Star in lieu of IECC 2012

Extension Request

Email extension requests to Please include the address, activity number and your contact information. This form can also be faxed to (520) 791-4340

Fee Schedule for Design Development Option (DDO)

Fee Schedule for Appeals, DRB and Variances

Floodplain Elevation Certificate Requests

FEMA Floodplain Status Request Form

Floodplain Use Permit (This form may be obtained in the Public Works Building at 201 N. Stone Ave.)

Historic Landmark Application

Historic Preservation Zone Review Application Package

Historic Preservation Zone Review Checklist

Home Occupation - General Standards

Individual Parking Plan

Land Use Code Election Form

Land Split Application

Lot Combo Declaration

Mailing Label Request Form

Major Streets and Routes (MS&R) Covenant

Major Streets and Routes (MS&R) Setback Relief - Application

Major Streets and Routes (MS&R) Setback Relief - Waiver of Claims

Medical Marijuana Fact Sheet

Medical Marijuana Location Application

Neighborhood Preservation Zone (NPZ) Design Review Application

Neighborhood Preservation Zone (NPZ) Neighborhood Compatibility Worksheet

Noise Exemption

Non-Conforming Zoning Status Request Letter

NPPO Exception Application and Instructions

Off-site Parking Agreement Form

Original City Zoning Application Form

Overlay Zone Application

Owner-Builder Waiver

Parking Design Modification Request (PDMR)

Peddler Application

Permit Application (A General Contractor is required for all commercial work and residential rentals. For property owners supervising the work at their primary residence, a signed Owner-Builder Waiver is required.)

Portable Donation Bins

Posted Notice for Public Hearings and Public Comment Periods

Rezoning Pre Submittal Application and Information Letter

Records Request

Registered Plant

Regulatory Bill of Rights

Refund Request Form for Permit Fees

Refund Request Form for Impact Fees

Request for Zoning Authority Clearance

Residential Plan Review

Residential Plot Plan Grid

Residential Plot Plan Requirements

Rezoning Application

Rio Nuevo Review - Tucson/Pima County Plans Review Subcommittee

Seasonal Lot and Special Event Vendor

Sign Application

Sign Application - A-Frame & Portable for Private Property

Sign Application - A-Frame & Portable for Public Right of Way

Sign Application - Banner

Special Exception Application - 50' Notice Procedure

Special Exception Application - Mayor & Council Procedure (MCSE)

Special Exception Application - Mayor & Council for Wireless Communication Facilites

Special Exception Application - PDSD Director Procedure

Special Exception Application - PDSD Director / 50' Notice Procedure for Wireless Communication Facilities

Special Exception Application - PDSD Director for Wireless Communication Back-up Generators

Special Exception Application - Zoning Examiner Procedure (ZESE)

Special Exception Application - Zoning Examiner for Wireless Communication Facilities

Special Inspection Certificate - Building & Grading

Special Inspection Certificate - Medical Gas

Special Inspection Certificate - Outdoor Lighting

Special Inspector List is maintained by the Town of Oro Valley

Technical Standard Modification Request (TSMR)

Temporary Certificate of Occupancy Application and Requirements

Temporary Diversion of Parking

Temporary Use Permit (TUP) Application

Temporary Use Permit (TUP) Bond

Temporary Use Permit (TUP) Cash Bond

Thursday Pre-Submittal Application

Underground Service Waiver

Utility Clearance Letter

Wireless Communications Applications may be found under Special Exceptions

Zoning Administration Application

Zoning Administration Application - IID Supplement

Zoning Administrator Determination Request

Zoning Compliance Letter Request