Building Permit Exemptions

The following types of construction do not require inspections:

Building Code Exemptions**

  • One story detached accessory buildings used as tool or storage sheds, playhouses or similar uses. The projected floor area cannot exceed 200 square feet.* A Zoning Compliance review is required to ensure the placement on the property line.
  • Fences and masonry walls 7’ high or less do not require a building permitHowever, all residential walls and fences must have a site plan review for Zoning Compliance.
  • Retaining walls not over 4’ high, when measured from the bottom of footing to the top of the wall or retaining less than 3 feet of earth.
  • Platforms, walks and driveways less than 30” above grade and not over any basement or story below.
  • Window awnings supported on an exterior wall and not projecting more than 54 inches. Verify the minimum side or rear yard setbacks (ie. the horizontal distance between a building, structure or wall from the property line) for the distance an awning can project into the required setbacks.
  • Painting, floor covering or interior trim work.
  • Roofing repair or replacement with the same materials unless roof sheathing is replaced.

*A zoning/engineering compliance permit is required to review the proposed location of all structures. Note: A minimum fee will apply. A floodplain permit may also be necessary depending on the floodplain status of the property.

**If you are in the Historic District you must contact Historical Preservation Review.

Electrical Code Exemptions

  • Portable motors or other portable appliances with factory installed cords.
  • The repair or replacement of fixed motors or appliances with the same type and rating in the same location. ie: replacing an old ceiling fan with a new one.
  • Temporary decorative lighting that does not require rewiring.
  • The reinstallation of a switch or receptacle in the same location.
  • The replacement of a circuit breaker or fuse of the same rating and in the same location (Including main breakers under certain conditions Policy 2016-01)
  • Electrical wiring, devices, appliances or equipment that operates at less than 25 volts and that is not capable of supplying more than 50 watts.

Plumbing Code Exemptions

  • The stopping of leaks in drain, soil, waste or vent piping. If these should become defective and need replacement, a permit is required.
  • Replacement of toilets

Mechanical Code Exemptions

  • A portable heating appliance
  • Portable ventilating equipment
  • Portable cooling unit
  • A closed system of steam, hot or chilled water within heating or cooling equipment
  • Replacement of any component part of assembly of an appliance which does not alter its original approval
  • Refrigerating equipment which is part of the equipment for which a permit has been issued