Development & Permits


City of Tucson Planning & Development Services reviews plans for residential and commercial construction and signs in order to issue permits for the work intended. Each of the links below gives information about the different types of reviews.


View items that do NOT need permits at Building Permit Exemptions.

Comply with currently adopted standards at All Codes.

Request Modifications and Appeals to the Building Code.

Request Modifications and Variances to the Zoning Code, Dimensional Standard, Development Standard, Parking Design, Technical Standard, etc.

View Frequently Asked Permit Questions (FAQ)

Applicant is responsible for obtaining review and approval by Pima County for projects involving ADEQ/RWRD sewers, on-site wastewater treatment facilities and public water systems.

The granting of a City permit does not exempt the applicant from complying with any HOA's CC&Rs or any other private deed restrictions associated with the property; and the issuance of this permit is not in any way an indication that the work/project complies with any HOA's CC&Rs or any other private deed restrictions associated with the property.

Preparing for Development Package or Land Division/Subdivision

The City Development Review Committee (CDRC) is composed of agencies per Administrative Manual (AM) Section 3-01 that regulate land use. Questions, contact

Review Types

Development package can include the following types of review: site/tentative plat, landscape, native plant preservation (npp), water harvesting, grading, private road paving, storm water pollution preservation plan (swppp), flood plain use permit, environmental resource report (err), and flexible lot development (fld). A development package is a construction document used to demonstrate how a project site will be developed to comply with the Unified Development Code (UDC), any other local applicable regulations, and state statute.

  • Format and content requirements can be found in AM Section 2-06 [see submittal requirements].
  • Timeframe can be found in AM Section 3-02. First submittal review up to 20 working days and repeats for re-submittal until approvable.
  • Fees for review and permit can be found in AM Section 4-01 .2 (tech and archive), .5.5 (grading and swppp), & .17 (site and landscape) or .20 (tentative plat).
  • Revision to an active development package issued a permit, can be made to applicable sheets with cloud and delta, this includes field changes and as-builts. Provide a revision letter of the sheet numbers and changes.

Land division/subdivision is one of the following types of review: land split, lot reconfiguration, block plat, condominium, minor subdivision, or final plat. A final plat is a survey document suitable for recordation of all or part of a subdivision substantially conforming to an approved tentative plat (if required) prepared in accordance with UDC Article 8, any other local applicable regulations, and state statute. A final plat is recorded after approval by Mayor & Council.

  • Format and content requirements can be found in AM Section 2-07 (2-08 for land split).
  • Timeframe can be found in AM Section 3-02. First submittal review up to 20 working days and repeats for re-submittal until approvable.
  • Fees for review can be found in AM Section 4-01.20 ($82.50 for land split) and .2 (tech and archive). Additional fees are required for apartments being converted into condominiums of $100 per unit per resolution #20473, along with elevations, floor plans, & cross sections.
  • Release (partial or final) of assurance or substitution of assurance to a recorded subdivision can be viewed in UDC Article 8.6.2 and AM Section 2-09. Email a complete and acceptable Assurance Release Request (PDF) or Assurance Agreement (Doc) to Fee for substitution of assurance can be found in AM Section 4-01.4 (assurances).


Thursdays, starting @ 1:30 pm in the 2nd Floor Conference Room at 201 N Stone Ave, Public Works Building. Upload TWO Mondays prior to Thursday (if Monday is a Holiday, then Tuesday @ 9:00 am). Prior to submittal, applicants can attend a pre-submittal meeting with CDRC. Attendance is required prior to block plat or minor subdivision submittal.


Apply to obtain review and approval for:

  1. Upload the following online at (no checklist needed):application
  • plan set (one compiled PDF)
  • reports of drainage, geotechnical, soils, environmental resource, traffic impact, title, cc&rs, or assurance agreement (as applicable)
  • conditions of rezoning, annexation, special exception, overlay, modification, or variance (if applicable)
  • last approved site plan or supplemental floor/elevation/site plan exhibit (if applicable)
  • decision letters from director, zoning administrator, or design review committee (if applicable)
  1. Receive email within 5 working days acknowledging the application is complete and under review by an activity number to search on Over the counter review is available--be sure to upload and receive an email prior to visiting. Staff will review the files on the computer with you.
  2. Pay the invoiced fees at the permit counter or mail a check prior to completion of the first substantive review.

Preparing Your Plans for a Floodplain Use Permit

FEMA Floodplain Information

Preparing Your Plans for a Grading Permit

Permits for grading with bond information.

Preparing Your Plans for a Building Permit

All commercial permits require a licensed contractor. All commercial structural permits require a licensed architect or engineer. If you do not find the answers to your questions here, please feel free to look under FAQ’S or contact us. All plans require a minimum of 3/32” type.

Building Permit Application (PDF)

Residential Permits - Permits for one- & two-family dwellings, additions, garages, porches, electrical reconnects, gas line, air conditioning, etc.

Commercial Permits - Permits for tenant improvements, certificate of occupancy, new buildings, etc.

Tent and Membrane Structures - Permits for temporary shade structures including Gem Show tents.

Special Events - Tucson Fire Department has helpful information regarding special event safety requirements

Self Certification Program for Design Professionals - This program allows a registered design professional to certify that plans prepared by them meet the requirements of all applicable building codes.  It allows the building owner and project designer the opportunity to evaluate the risks involved and elect to self certify projects within the scope of the policy or use our traditional plan review services.

Water & Energy Conservation - The City of Tucson has made these two elements of significant concern by adopting a few ordinances to ensure sustainable potential in the future.

Preparing Your Plans for a Sign Permit

Permits for wall signs, freestanding signs, banners etc.