Fee Schedules

The Planning & Development fee schedule can be found in the Administrative Manual Section 4 including Rezoning fees, Sign fees, Plan Amendments, etc.

The current rate for Planning & Development Services is $82.50 per hour. After-hours and unscheduled inspection service can be accommodated depending on inspector availability for a minimum two hour charge.

The fees for excavation permits are located within the City Code, Chapter 25-4.

Fees for Electric and Gas Reconnect permits are $99.00 which includes the appropriate inspection. Customers must place a gas pressure test on the line prior to inspection of gas lines. Contact your contractor or your local hardware store for the test assembly.

Building Valuation

Buildings are valuated based on Data from the International Code Council.

The City of Tucson utilizes the ICC valuation table provided by the International Code Council to ensure the permit fees charged are equitable to all applicants.

Development Impact Fees

Impact Fee Information (Fees have been collected on permits issued for new commercial and residential construction since July 15, 2005.)

Records Fees

Record Format Copy Format Price
Paper copies*


  $1.10 for first copy (any size)
 $0.27 for additional paper copies
Microfiche copies** 8 1/2 x 11" Paper  $1.65 per page
Microfiche copies** 11 x 17" Paper $2.20 per page
Property Research Online (PRO) Digital Free

*Copies from paper files limited to 20 copies per request.

**Copies from microfiche files limited to 10 per day.

Cash, check, and card are accepted by the cashier.

PDSD Records staff will instruct customers on how to use the viewers but can not perform research for you.

Records Frequently Asked Questions