ADU One Year Review Survey

Are you interested in ADUs in Tucson? We want to hear from you!ADU, or Casita, under construction

Please take the ADU One Year Follow-Up Survey to provide feedback on the first year of the ADU ordinance in Tucson.  


As of January 7, 2022, Tucson has permitted casitas, or Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) in zones that allow residential uses. Since then, many people have been interested in converting parts of their property or building new units in their backyards. 

Further direction included returning to Mayor and Council with a review of the program after one year.  

A review of the first year of Tucson’s ADU Ordinance will include stakeholder and ADU applicant feedback before being presented to Mayor & Council in early 2023. 

For more background and updates about casitas in Tucson, visit the City’s project page

Additional Background 

While the zoning restrictions that were one of the largest barriers for ADUs have been changed to allow this housing type, other factors can limit buildability on specific lots. PDSD has been directed to provide resources and technical support to make casitas accessible and affordable to Tucson homeowners and residents. For example, two new building code clarifications help simplify the process or reduce costs.