Interested in building a casita?

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On December 7, 2021, Mayor and Council adopted an amendment to the Unified Development code to allow Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), or casitas, in Tucson. 

What is a casita? These smaller units provide an independent living space on the same lot as a primary unit. They are a way of providing more flexible housing options that can help seniors age in place and support multi-generational living.

What do the new rules allow? The code amendment adopted by Mayor & Council allows:

  • One ADU to be built on any residential lot in the city (any lot with one or two homes)
  • The maximum size of the ADU is up to 10% of the lot size, up to a maximum of 1,000 square feet. All lots are allowed an ADU of at least 650 square feet.
  • The maximum height for ADUs is 12' or the height of the primary structure on lots with two-story homes
  • All other dimensional standards regarding lot coverage and setbacks apply
  • One parking space is required per ADU, which can be waived for sites that are a quarter-mile from transit or a bike boulevard; on-street parking can also be used
  • Each newly constructed ADU is required to have a cool roof

Mayor and Council also directed staff to develop programs to provide resources and technical support to make ADUs accessible and affordable to Tucson homeowners and residents, including a pilot program to fund ADU repairs and improvements, and to establish an amnesty program for unpermitted ADUs.

Learn more with these resources:

  • Use this worksheet to learn more about the regulations, and the process to design and permit a casita
  • Attend an ADU info session hosted by Mi Casita on Wednesday, January 12. Register online