PDSD transitions to remote operations during COVID-19 pandemic

Dear Planning and Development Services Customers:

In responding to the global COVID-19 pandemic, PDSD made a rapid and unexpected transition to offsite and fully digital operations. This major shift in both location and business operations was temporarily disruptive and caused delays in responding to customer inquiries, processing development applications and responding to inspection request. 

The Department is now completely offsite and expects to recover to our normal permit intake, review, and inspection timelines over the next three weeks. There will still be some delays, and we ask for your patience while we complete our transition. 

In making this transition the Department has:

  • Trained staff to operate in the digital environment
  • Equipped all staff with the computer and phone technologies to respond to customer inquiries, process applications, and schedule inspections remotely.
  • Upgraded our website to make it easier to submit applications electronically and allow customers to pay fees online.
  • Created a virtual service counter that allows customer to complete some same day reviews, similar to our physical customer service counter.
  • Transitioned all inspections to remote video inspections using your 4G enabled smart phone or tablet.

The next steps are to:

  • Expand our training program to enable staff to become proficient with new procedures, reducing processing times.
  • Reallocate staff and train other City staff who have recently been assigned to PDSD.
  • Restart public meetings including the Zoning Examiner, Planning Commission and Plans Review Subcommittee using online platforms so that applications requiring public review can continue to move forward.

Please visit our Service Adjustments page for more details on how we are operating remotely during this time.

We're picking up speed and making improvements each day to achieve a higher rate of efficiency and process more requests each week.

The tools we're implementing now in a remote setting will put the department in a strong position to return to the office environment with cutting edge technology that will support the rapid recovery of development activity. 

Thank you for your patience. We are working hard to help Tucson stay healthy and weather this storm together.


Scott Clark, Director