Read about two people's experience with the permitting process in Tucson Lifestyle

This month's issue of Tucson Lifestyle features a story on the process of getting a building permit for construction in the City of Tucson. The article, "Please Permit Me" by Brad Poole, profiles two projects - a local business starting up and a home addition - and the property owners' experience getting permits and building in the City of Tucson.

Bawker Bawker Cider House opened at 400 N 4th Avenue last year. Business owner Don Rubino served as the contractor for the project and got to know many staff in Planning and Development Services on a first name basis in the process. Because of the central location in a walkable, transit-oriented district, they were able to use the Infill Incentive District to reduce their parking requirement.

The second project profiled is an addition and installation of solar panels at the home of Bridger and Beth Jonquil. Bridger states that dealing with the City was a largely positive experience. All of their inspections were conducted virtually, per our current protocol to protect public health and provide efficient service to customers.

Thank you, Tucson Lifestyle for helping demystify the process to obtain a building permit! Read more on our website about how to get a building permit and schedule inspections