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What is Tucson Development Center Online (TDC Online)?

TDC Online is a new self-service portal that will provide customers with a complete online process. The system functions as a one-stop shop for customers seeking permits across the City of Tucson. It will provide customers transparency throughout the permitting process with email notifications and a personal dashboard to track applications from submittal to issuance. Customers can make real-time payments, schedule inspections, and create templates for frequently used applications.

What City of Tucson departments are involved with TDC Online?

The permitting system is a partnership between Planning & Development Services, Tucson Fire, Tucson Water, Transportation and Mobility, and Code Enforcement. TDC Online features a self-service portal that provides customers with an entirely online process.

What do I need to do as a customer?

TDC Online went live for our customers on October 31, 2022. Customers using to use TDC Online will need to create a new online account. Accounts will be used to submit permit applications, schedule inspections, and use the personal dashboard tracking features.

Learn more about how to register for an account.

How do I schedule an INSPECTION through TDC Online?

As of October 31, all inspections are scheduled completely online through TDC Online. Learn More on how to schedule an inspection and how to check the status of your inspection.

How do I submit a PERMIT application?

The following instructions show customers how to submit an application using TDC Online. Most applications can only be submitted online through the online portal.

How do I upload a permit RESUBMITTAL?

If you have a plan that requires corrections, your plan/permit will be listed as "Needs Resumbittal" in TDC Online. Follow the resubmittal instructions for the necessary steps.

How do I submit a permit REVISION?

If you need to submit a revision to an existing permit/plan, follow the submit a revision instructions

How do I pay an INVOICE/FEES?

If you have an invoice that needs to be paid, log into TDC Online and click Pay Invoices in the main menu. You can also pay if you don’t have an invoice number or want to pay multiple invoices by logging into your TDC Online account.

Learn more about how to pay fees using TDC Online.

Are there FEES associated with TDC Online?

A new fee schedule took effect with the launch of Tucson Development Center Online. Some new fees include: 

  • Pre-application fees of $220
  • Resubmittals past the first two reviews will incur additional fees of 25 percent of the plan review fee
  • Flat rate fees for pools, walls, fences, and solar

How do I submit a RECORDS REQUEST?

Records requests are now completed using TDC Online. If you need to file a records request, follow these instructions on how to complete the request.

Will Notice Tucson still be functional?

With the launch of TDC Online, NoticeTucson will be suspended. Customers must now use the new online portal to track development applications and permits.

Who should I contact if I have questions about TDC Online?

Planning and Development Services Department

Phone: 520-791-5550, Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Email: pdsdinquiries@tucsonaz.gov or tdc-online@tucsonaz.gov

For questions about Right of Way (ROW) permits please reach out to: DTMpermits@tucsonaz.gov

In Person:
Tucson Development Center
Public Works Building, 1st Floor
201 N. Stone Avenue
Monday – Thursday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.