Mayor and Council to reconsider Accessory Dwelling Unit ordinance

On November 9, 2021, Mayor and Council voted to reconsider certain provisions of this amendment to the Unified Development code, specifically the portion of the proposal relating to the maximum size of ADUs. 

On October 19, 2021, following a Public Hearing, Ordinance No. 11880 to allow accessory dwelling units passed with the following conditions: 

1)     5-year sunset date; 

Attend a Public Meeting about Updating Commercial Parking Requirements

The City of Tucson Planning and Development Services Department (PDSD) is working on a set of changes to the Unified Development Code (UDC) that will affect the minimum amount and type of parking spaces that are required at certain commercial locations. 

These changes to parking regulations are proposed as part of the City's climate action response, ongoing support for local businesses, and goals for high quality public outdoor spaces. 

Accessory Dwelling Unit code amendment adopted by Mayor and Council

*Update: Mayor and Council to reconsider Accessory Dwelling Unit ordinance

Mayor and Council held a public hearing on October 19 to take public comments regarding Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). Following this hearing and their deliberations, Mayor and Council adopted an amendment to the Unified Development code to allow ADUs, or casitas.

The code amendment adopted by Mayor & Council allows:

Mayor and Council Public Hearing on Accessory Dwelling Units October 19

A proposal to allow casitas, or Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), in Tucson was recommended for approval by the Planning Commission. Mayor and Council will hold a virtual Public Hearing on October 19 before they consider adopting this code amendment. Email cityclerk@tucsonaz.gov to submit comments or request to speak at the virtual hearing. 

Advanced Payment Accounts to be discontinued September 30

The City of Tucson will discontinue the option to use Advance Payment Accounts (APA) to facilitate the transition to a new multi-departmental permitting system and given other online payment options currently available, including credit card and ACH (electronic check). APA accounts will be phased out over the next few months with ample time for larger projects and developers who currently rely on these accounts to adjust and establish alternate means of payment. 

Key Dates: 

Attend a session on accessing census data for Neighborhood Associations - August 11

The U.S. Census Bureau - Denver Region and the City of Tucson Department of Planning and Development Services invite you to attend 

Accessing Census Data for Neighborhood Associations 

Wednesday, August 11 at 5:30 p.m.
presented by 
Partnership Specialist Maria Vianey Valdez-Cardenas
U.S. Census Bureau - Denver Region 

New homes now required to be EV-Ready

On June 22, 2021 Mayor and Council approved an amendment to the International Residential Code to require electric vehicle (EV) charging outlets in all new one- and two-family dwellings. 

All new homes within the City of Tucson will be required to provide a 40 amp circuit and a receptacle near a parking space. The language was prepared to be as universal as possible so virtually every EV on the market in the US can be plugged in to new houses, duplexes, and townhomes. 

Take a quick survey to help us better serve the public with virtual meetings

For the past year, PDSD, along with other City departments, has held Board, Commission and Committee meetings and other public meetings virtually. These meetings have had strong attendance by members of the public and have made it easier for many people to attend. At the same time, participation in virtual meetings works best when attendees have access to a computer and the internet and we are aware that many in our community are not digitally connected. We want your thoughts on how to make our public meetings accessible!

Attend a public meeting on a proposed code change to allow Accessory Dwelling Units

What could these housing options mean for Tucson?

Join us at a virtual public meeting to learn about a proposed code change to allow backyard casitas (also known as Accessory Dwelling Units) in Tucson.

Attend to hear how this housing option can provide affordable housing, help seniors age in place, and promote sustainable infill development. 

Read about two people's experience with the permitting process in Tucson Lifestyle

This month's issue of Tucson Lifestyle features a story on the process of getting a building permit for construction in the City of Tucson. The article, "Please Permit Me" by Brad Poole, profiles two projects - a local business starting up and a home addition - and the property owners' experience getting permits and building in the City of Tucson.

Attend a Public Meeting on Accessory Dwelling Units

At the request of Mayor and Council, the City of Tucson is considering changes to the zoning code to allow Accessory Dwelling Units. An Accessory Dwelling Unit, or ADU, is an independent housing unit with its own kitchen, bathroom, living and sleeping space, built on the same lot as a primary residence. These units have been legalized in other communities in order to create more affordable housing, support multi-generational households and provide more options for residents who wish to age in place.