Residential Model Plans, Permits from Residential Model Plans, and Development Packages may now be submitted through new online application

On Monday, October 26, 2020, Planning and Development Services launched Phase 1 of its new Online Building Permit Application to process most building permit submittals. This new process is part of a phased approach to help automate the intake of permits. It aims to reduce the time from application submission to permit initialization and allow for more immediate tracking of permit progress.

Mayor and Council to review updates to Tucson Floodplain Management Plan, Floodplain Ordinance, and Levee Manual

Mayor and Council of the City of Tucson will hold a virtual public hearing on Tuesday, December 8, 2020, at or after 5:30 p.m. The public hearing will be conducted online.  You may view the public hearing at https://www.tucsonaz.gov/gov/mayor-and-council-live. Mayor and Council will consider: update to the 2016 adopted Tucson Floodplain Management Plan, revisions to the Floodplain Ordinance, and a new City of Tucson Levee Manual. 

The final drafts of documents to be reviewed by Mayor and Council can be found here:

New online building permit application and other technology changes

New online application for building permits to go live Monday, October 26

Customers will be able to use our new Online Building Permit Application form for most building permit submittals starting October 26.

This new process is part of a phased approach to help automate the intake of permits. It aims to reduce the time from application submission to permit initialization and allow for more immediate tracking of permit progress.   

PDSD Virtual Service Update

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in mid March 2020, Planning and Development Services made a full transition to online operations. Since that time, PDSD has managed to process, review, and issue 1,600 permits. Development in Tucson is still moving forward at a healthy pace. However, PDSD is currently experiencing a significant permitting backlog. To address the backlog, starting June 26, 2020 PDSD is transitioning to a more efficient method of operations: 

Guidelines and Application Available for Temporary Expansion of Restaurant Seating

The City of Tucson Planning and Development Services Department (PDSD) and the Department of Transportation and Mobility (DTM), at the direction of Mayor and Council and pursuant to the authority granted to the City Manager in Mayor Romero’s Emergency Proclamation dated May 15, 2020, have enacted regulatory zoning relief allowing the temporary expansion of seating areas for food and beverage establishments which have been significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Take a quick survey to help us improve our website

As more of our services and customer interactions have moved online, Planning and Development Services is working to improve our website and make it easier for the public to access information they need. 

You may have seen some small changes already - we have tried to make it easier for customers to find information on how to appy for a permit, submit their application online, and schedule an inspection. 

We want future changes to our website to be based on YOU and your needs.

Virtual Planning and Development Services

City of Tucson Planning and Development Services (PDSD) has been working for more than two years to move our application submittals and other customer services online to make it easier for our customers to do business with us, modernize our processes, and improve review turnaround times and other services our customers rely on. So when Mayor Regina Romero announced on March 17 that all City of Tucson facilities would be closed to the public in order to protect public health in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we had an existing framework for online operations to build on.  

PDSD transitions to remote operations during COVID-19 pandemic

Dear Planning and Development Services Customers:

In responding to the global COVID-19 pandemic, PDSD made a rapid and unexpected transition to offsite and fully digital operations. This major shift in both location and business operations was temporarily disruptive and caused delays in responding to customer inquiries, processing development applications and responding to inspection request. 

Electronic Submittal Required for Review of Development Packages and Building Plans

The City of Tucson Planning and Development Services Department (PDSD) will no longer accept paper building plan documents submitted for review. Walkthrough service will be available, but the application and documents must be submitted in advance.

All other PDSD applications will also be accepted electronically. Please include the application type or permit number when uploading via the PDSD Filedrop.

Steps to submit an application electronically: