Online Permits

All images/files must be correctly oriented and viewable without having to be rotated. Separate files must be provided for each type of submittal document such as Permit Application, Soils Report, Plan Set, Structural Calculations, etc. Care should be taken to follow the format below:

  • Each file name must start with a number that represents the review being performed (1 for 1st review, 2 for 2nd review, etc.)
  • Name each document and plan set with a unique name that identifies the file
  • Revisions to approved drawings must start with REV- followed by the revision version (REV-1 for the 1st revision, REV-2 for the 2nd revision)

Example 1 (first submittal):

Example 2 (second submittal):

Example 3 (revision):

Permit Application

Submit Construction Documents and Application


Advanced Payment Accounts (APA)

APA New Account Packet (PDF) - Application and instructions for licensed contractors to apply for an Advanced Payment Account. Permit Application included.

For information regarding your APA account such as current balance, please email

Velocity Hall Online

This is a service (restricted to Licensed Contractors) that can be used to obtain simple permits online that do not require plan review and to pay associated permit fees by credit card.  It can also be used to research permit information, or to schedule or cancel an inspection.

Scheduling Inspections Online

First Time Registration (PDF)

Attach or Modify License Numbers (PDF)

Check Address or Parcel Details (PDF)

Check or Research Permits (PDF)

Check or Request Inspections (PDF)

Applying for a Permit (PDF)

Online Permit Types and Fees (PDF)

My Permit Manager (PDF)

Velocity Hall Permit Limitations - Get Started!