Plan Documents

Area & Neighborhood Plans

Area and neighborhood plans are considered “specific plans” meant to implement General Plan policies on more localized level. There are over 50 adopted specific plans (area, neighborhood, redevelopment and sub-regional plans) across the City. These plans contain policies related to land use, future development, transportation and connectivity, open space, and other topics.

The development of new plans must be initiated by Mayor & Council. Amendments to adopted plans can be initiated by Mayor & Council or by a property owner within the plan area.


Regional & Citywide Plans

Airport Environs Plan (PDF)

Catalina Foothills Subregional Plan (Amended 11/25/02) (PDF)

Major Streets and Routes Plan (PDF)

Major Streets and Routes Plan (Map) (PDF)

Rincon/Southeast Subregional Plan (Amended 6/7/2005) (PDF)

Tucson Mountains Subregional Plan (Amended 5/25/2005) (PDF)


    Planned Area Development (PAD) & Redevelopment Plans

    A PAD is a zoning option that allows greater flexibility in uses and development than standard zones. Examples of projects that have utilized the PAD option include hospital campuses, major retail and office centers, and mixed-use developments.


    Studies & Reports

    A collection of studies, plans and reports that have helped shape our city’s development.