Plan Tucson

Plan Tucson, the City of Tucson General & Sustainability Plan, was adopted by voters in November 2013

2021 Progress Report

2021 Progress Report

El Informe de Avances del Plan Tucson 2021

This online progress report details key accomplishments in achieving the goals of Plan Tucson over the past two and a half years since the previous Progress Report was issued. The Progress Report highlights accomplishments related to the four focus areas of Plan Tucson, and a special section on our City’s
pandemic response as it relates to Plan Tucson goals and policies.

2019 Progress Report

In May 2019 the City released a Progress Report detailing key accomplishments in achieving the goals of Plan Tucson over the past five years.

The 2019 Progress Report highlights key achievements in the more than five years since the plan was adopted including the opening of the SunLink streetcar, revitalization of downtown, construction of new affordable housing, designation as a UNESCO City of Gastronomy, expansion of our job base, safeguarding of our long-term water supply, and more. 

Check out the report below to read about our accomplishments in the first five years after the General Plan was adopted, as well as the City’s ongoing initiatives to implement Plan Tucson goals and policies.

Plan Tucson 2019 Progress Report

Plan Tucson Document (effective 11/13/2013)

Plan Tucson Goals & Policies (PDF)

Future Growth Scenario Map (PDF)

Guidelines for Development Review (PDF, 10 pages)

Plan Tucson  - Entire Document (PDF, 248 pages)

Cover, Formal Actions, Table of Contents, List of Exhibits, Photo Credits, Acknowledgments (PDF, 7 pages)

Chapter 1 - Introduction (PDF, 4 pages)

Chapter 2 - Planning Context and Plan Goals (PDF, 21 pages)

Chapter 3 - Focus Areas & Policies (PDF, 1 page)

The Social Environment (PDF, 46 pages)

The Economic Environment (PDF, 30 pages)

The Natural Environment (PDF, 26 pages)]

The Built Environment (PDF, 58 pages)

         Future Growth Scenario Map (PDF)

         Guidelines for Development Review (PDF, 10 pages)

Chapter 4 - Plan Implementation & Administration  (PDF, 19 pages)

Glossary (PDF, 5 pages)

Appendices (PDF, 28 pages)

Plan Tucson Working Files