Studies & Reports

A collection of studies, plans, and reports that have helped shape our city’s development.

Downtown Plans


Streetcar Investment Guide (2014)

Streetcar Land Use and Development Implementation Plan Design Charette (2013)

ULI Downtown Study (2013)

Downtown Intermodal Center Pedestrian
Safety and Bus Access Improvements

Transit-Oriented Development Handbook (2009)

Congress Street Concept Design (2009)

Downtown Links Land Use and Urban Design Plan (2009)

Downtown Infrastructure Study (2007)

Downtown Urban Design Reference Manual (2007)

Tucson Modern Streetcar Station Area Market Analysis (2007)

Downtown Housing Opportunity Study (2005)

Affordable Housing in Downtown Tucson (2004)

Tucson Historic Warehouse Arts District Master Plan (2004)

Downtown Tucson Intermodal Center Master Plan (1999)

Downtown Comprehensive Street Tree Plan (1998)


Corridor Plans

Grant Road Community Character & Vitality Corridor Vision (2015)

Oracle Area Revitalization Project report (2011)

Stone Ave Corridor Plan: Measures for a Livable Corridor (2001)


Regional Plans

Imagine Greater Tucson - Vision for a Greater Tucson Region (2012)

University of Arizona Comprehensive Campus Plan Update (2009)

Action Climate Tucson Climate Mitigation Report (2011)

Community Economic Security and Climate Action Analysis (2011)

Action Plan for a Sustainable Water Future (2009)

Framework for Advancing Sustainability (2008)

Urban Landscape Framework (2008)


Housing & Community Development

Housing Market Study (2020)

Poverty and Urban Stress Information Hub

HUD Comprehensive Housing Market Analysis (2019)

2010-2015 5-Year HUD Consolidated Plan (2010)

Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice (2009)



2040 Regional Transportation Plan (2019)

Bicycle and Pedestrian Program (2015)

El Paso And Southwestern Greenway (2012)

Five-Year Strategic Transit Plan (2012)

Intermodal Management System Plan Update (2012)

Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) Plan

Sun Tran Transportation and Feasibility Study (2005)

Intermodal Center Environmental Assessment (2005)

Transportation Access Management Guidelines for the City of Tucson (2004)


General Plan

Plan Tucson (2013)

2001 General Plan