Rezoning, Special Exceptions & Original City Zoning


The following information relates to pertinant materials for those applying for a Rezoning, Special Exception or Original City Zoning.

Apply for Rezoning

Contact Rezoning Staff at 520-837-4968

Rezoning Process Handout (PDF)

Rezoning Process Handout - Printer-friendly Version (PDF)

Pre Submittal Application and Information Letter (PDF)

Notification Labels Request (PDF)

Rezoning Application Form (PDF)

Apply for Special Exception

**NOTE: Effective immediately, the following items will be added on all plan sheets:

1. The Special Exception block (PDF) shall to be added to each plan sheet submitted to the City of Tucson for review.The block is to be located above the "Sheet Title Block", on each page.
2.  All previously associated City of Tucson case and/or permit numbers shall be added to the "General Notes" block on the project cover sheet.

Pre Submittal Application and Information Letter (PDF)

Change of Condition Application Form (PDF)

Notification Labels Request (PDF)

PDSD Director Approval Application (PDF)

50' Notice Procedure Application (PDF)

ZESE Procedure Application (PDF)

Mayor and Council Special Exception (MCSE) Procedure Application (PDF)

Wireless Communications

**NOTE: The Planning and Development Services Department (PDSD) shall stop processing unnecessary Director’s Decisions Letters for previously approved special exceptions that have not undergone a substantial change. As of June 22, 2018, applicants are no longer required to apply for a Director’s Decision Letter for equipment swap outs where there is no overall increase in the existing height of the Wireless Communication Facility – measured Above Ground Level (AGL,) or from the ground surface to the highest point of the entire structure (reference to Section 6.4.4.B.1 of the UDC). The height is cumulative from the most recent Director’s Decision or Special Exception.

Revised PDSD Policy for WCF Director's Decision Letter for Equipment Swap-outs

Applicants that fall under this threshold shall submit their building plans directly to PDSD with appropriate documentation of the previously approved special exception.


**NOTE: Effective November 1, 2016, appropriate fee of $800 for the following applications:

  • PDSD Director’s Approval Procedure Special Exception for Wireless Communication Facilities – Expedited Review, Five (5) Working Days
  • 6409 Wireless Communications Facilities Modifications and/or Co-Location Applications

Wireless Communication Facilities - Back-up Generator Application (PDF)

Wireless Communication Facilities - PDSD Director Approval / 50' Notice Procedure Application (PDF)

Wireless Communication Facilities - Zoning Examiner Special Exception Application (PDF)

Wireless Communication Facilities - Mayor and Council Special Exception Application (PDF)

Original City Zoning

Pre Submittal Application and Information Letter (PDF)

Notification Labels Request (PDF)

Original City Zoning Application Form (PDF)

General Information for Rezonings, Special Exceptions & Original City Zonings

Posted Notice for Public Hearings and Public Comment Periods (PDF)

UDC Zoning District Narrative Summaries (PDF)

Regulations for Rezoning, Special Exceptions & Original City Zoning

Unified Development Code

  • 3.5.1  Zoning Examiner Legislative Procedure

All non-Wireless Communications Facilities applications to the Zoning Examiner for Rezoning, Zoning Examiner Special Exception, and Mayor and Council Special Exception cases must comply with the following sections:

Administrative Manual

  • 2-03.1 Applicability
  • 2-03.2 Application Submittal Requirements
  • 2-03.3 Preliminary Development Package (PDP) Format Requirements
  • 2-03.4 Preliminary Development Package (PDP) Content Requirements
  • 2-03.5 Environmental Resource Report (as required)
  • 4-01   Estimating Application Fees