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City of Tucson Zoning Code

The City of Tucson uses the Unified Development Code (UDC) as its Zoning Code for development. 

The UDC applies to all development and uses of land within the City of Tucson.


The UDC is detailed in three documents:

1. The Unified Development Code - the primary document

2. The UDC Administrative Manual - application requirements, fees, review procedures

3. The UDC Technical Standards Manual - engineering related site standards, historic preservation guidelines, etc. 

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Use MapTucson to view zoning by GIS layers. 


Zoning Interpretations and Determinations

When questions arise concerning the content or application of the Unified Development Code (UDC), interpretations and determinations are rendered by the Zoning Administrator.

Other determinations made by the Zoning Administrator include the classification or reclassification of land uses proposed within the city limits.

View Zoning Determinations

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Urban Overlay District Regulations

Urban Overlay Districts allow flexible development standards and establish design guidelines for an area, as allowed per Section 5.13 of the Unified Development Code.
These regulations are not part of the UDC.

Three Urban Overlay Districts have been established. View the regulations for each below:

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Zoning Resources and Information

Summary of Dimensional Standards for UDC Zones.

The standards in this document are intended for general reference purposes only and should not be used in lieu of more detailed and specific standards found in Article 6 of Tucson's Unified Devleopment Code.


Sunset Dates

Infill Incentive District (IID) - Ordinance 11246
Adopted: 2/18/15
Set to terminate: 1/31/23
Sign Standards - Ordinance 11803
Adopted: 12/8/20
Set to terminate: 8/31/26
Accessory Dwelling Units - Ordinance 11890
Adopted: 12/7/21
Set to terminate: 10/19/26

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Other Information

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