Critical Incident Review Board (CIRB)

The Critical Incident Review Board (CIRB) has been replaced by the Force Review Board (FRB) and the Sentinel Event Review Board (SERB).

Underlying principles of the Critical Incident Review Board (CIRB):

  • Involve all stakeholders, including those outside the police department.
  • Learn from the past to achieve better outcomes in the future.
  • Focus on broader issues of policy, training, supervision, and needed resources, as opposed to investigating individual misconduct or violations of policy (which remains the responsibility of the department’s Office of Professional Standards).

To view completed CIRB reports, click on the links below.

Officer Involved Shooting, October 18, 2017

Fatal Officer Involved Shooting, May 26, 2017

Officer Involved Vehicle Collision - Significant Injury, March 14, 2017

Officer Involved Use of Deadly Force, March 12, 2017

Immigration Protest, February 16, 2017

Fatal Officer Involved Shooting, December 1, 2016

Officer Involved Shooting, October 24, 2016

Fatal Officer Involved Shooting, July 28, 2016

Fatal Officer Involved Vehicle Accident, July 11, 2016