Bicycle Boulevards

Bicycle Boulevard Project Updates

What is a Bicycle Boulevard?

Bicycle boulevards are residential streets designed to prioritize bicycling and enhance conditions for walking. The bicycle boulevard network will serve as the backbone for walking and biking in Tucson. Bicycle boulevards support several community values including improving the health of Tucsonans, stimulating the economy and enhancing the Sonoran Desert environment. The Department of Transportation has identified 193 miles of future bicycle boulevards along 64 corridors that improve connectivity to schools, parks, libraries, stores and other key destinations.

Bicycle boulevards vary in character to reflect the unique neighborhoods they travel through, but all include the defining features and engineering tools to:
    • Slow traffic
    • Reduce cut-through traffic
    • Help people walking and biking cross major streets

Bicycle Boulevard Master Plan 

The City of Tucson developed a Bicycle Boulevard Master Plan to guide the implementation of the bike boulevard network. The plan includes:
    • A summary of the history, current conditions, and benefits of bicycle boulevards in Tucson
    • Design guidance for the construction of bicycle boulevards
    • Conceptual plans and cost estimates for each bicycle boulevard corridor
    • A prioritized list of bicycle boulevard projects
    • A description of the implementation process

  View the Bicycle Boulevard Master Plan

  View a graphic of a Typical Bicycle Boulevard in Tucson

  View Tucson Bicycle Boulevard Phasing Plan Map






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