Bonds for City Streets

Bond Oversight Commission 2018 Annual Report

Bond Oversight Commission 2017 Annual Report

Bond Oversight Commission 2016 Annual Report

Bond Oversight Commission 2015 Annual Report

Bond Oversight Commission 2014 Annual Report


Road Recovery

  • This $100 million improvement program was made possible by Tucson voters who approved the Street Bonds in November 2012.
  • A map showing the major streets to be restored during the next year is included here. Neighborhood streets will also be restored.
  • A Bond Oversight Commission of citizens will review plans and oversee the program.
  • Business and neighborhoods where the streets are being restored will be notified in advance of the work, and Tucson citizens will be kept up-to-date on progress.

ARAN van

The Automated Road Analyzer (ARAN) van has 15 sensors that collect data that help rate the condition of city streets. Data collected by this van is used by TDOT engineers to determine the condition of streets, the degree of need for repair, and the type of repair that is most appropriate. The most appropriate and cost effective will be selected for each street.