22nd Street and Kino Parkway Intersection

Project Schedule Highlights:

Kino Parkway and 22nd Street Intersection Improvements

  • Design complete: April 2011
  • Construction start date: Summer 2012
  • Construction completed: Fall 2015

Project Description:

The Tucson Department of Transportation and Mobility (DTM) began a design study of the Kino Parkway and 22nd Street Intersection, and widening of 22nd Street from Kino Parkway to Tucson Boulevard in 2006. The intersection improvement was originally approved by the voters in the Pima County 1997 Transportation Bond Election and then in 2006, both the intersection and 22nd Street were approved by the voters as part of the Regional Transportation Authority plan. The area studied for this project extends from Park Avenue to Tucson Boulevard on 22nd Street, and approximately one-half mile north and south of the Kino Parkway/22nd Street intersection.


DTM established a Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) and Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) to provide guidance, review, and evaluation of the general project design, reports and documents that have been and will be developed by the study team. CAC members helped to share information and gather input about the project from businesses and neighborhood associations with which they are familiar. CAC meeting summaries from previous meetings can be accessed below.

The study team looked at three alternative alignments for 22nd Street between Kino Parkway and Tucson Boulevard, and three alternative configurations for the intersection. Alternative Alignment Reports were prepared for the 22nd Street widening and the Kino Parkway/22nd Street intersection, and Mayor and Council approved the recommended alternatives contained in the reports on November 18, 2008. Copies of the reports and the approved alignments can be accessed below.

In October 2009, the project team completed the Environmental Design and Mitigation Reports (EDMR), which provided an analysis of potential environmental impacts and specific mitigation measures against disruption to the environment and the community.

Design Schedule

The design of the Kino Parkway and 22nd Street intersection project was completed in April 2011, and the construction completed in August 2015. 

Construction Schedule

Construction of the Kino Parkway/22nd Street intersection project was completed in 2015.

22nd Street Improvement Projects

The improvements will widen 22nd Street to three lanes in each direction. Additional project elements include access to nearby businesses and neighborhoods, drainage, street lighting, sidewalks, landscaping, bicycle, pedestrian, transit facilities, and public artwork. A grade-separated interchange at the Kino Parkway/22nd Street intersection has been completed.

22nd Street from Kino Parkway to Tucson Boulevard

22nd Street from I-10 to Kino Parkway 

Contact Information

Project Manager: Austin Wesnitzer
Phone: (520) 837-6614
Email: austin.wesnitzer@tucsonaz.gov

22nd Street and Kino Parkway

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need this project?
Currently, there is a high traffic volume on both Kino Parkway and on 22nd Street. The volumes are expected to increase, and constructing an overpass at the intersection of Kino Parkway and 22nd Street, and widening 22nd Street between Kino Parkway and Tucson Boulevard, will improve the capacity, mobility, and safety of both Kino Parkway and 22nd Street.

When will this project be built?
Construction for the Kino Parkway/22nd Street intersection improvements was completed in Fall of 2015. Currently, the 22nd Street Kino Parkway and Tucson Boulevard, is in the final design phase and construction is anticipated to begin late 2020.

If I am not a member of the CAC, how can I get involved?
The public can contact a CAC representative for updates or attend and observe the CAC meetings. There are periodic open houses as well to provide project information and updates to the general public. Please check the website for CAC meeting dates and open house date postings.

What will the new design look like?
It is too early in the design process to present detailed information about the design, but proposed features for the roadway will consist of six travel lanes, a raised median with storage for turning vehicles, and an area on each side for sidewalks, utilities, and street furniture and landscaped areas. We have also allotted space for bicycle traffic in outside travel lanes.

Project Documents (pdf)

Final Environmental Draft & Mitigation Reports

Public Hearing 11/18/2008 Alternative Alignment Reports

Technical Advisory Committee

Citizens Advisory Commitee

Citizens Advisory Committee Membership

Park Avenue Signal Subcommittee