City of Tucson expands TUGO bike share system

The City of Tucson Transportation Department, in partnership with Shift Transit, the Tugo Bike Share operating company, announce the commitment to expand Tucson’s bike share system.

With the support of a grant from the Federal Highway Administration, the 2019 expansion will add four new stations and 51 docking points. These additions will extend the Tugo program service area, making bike share more accessible to more people, and spanning new neighborhoods. The new stations will be installed and available for public use on Tuesday, September 3, 2019. A map of the new station locations is attached. Stations will be installed at: Presidio Park, Catalina Park, Lost Barrio and at Reid Park.

There are a variety of Tugo pass options available to suit the needs of Tucsonans and visitors and Tugo has sold over 3,300 passes in the last 12 months. In addition to the Daily, Monthly, Annual and Tugo-For-All Passes, Tugo recently introduced two new pass types to provide more flexibility for customers. The $4 Single Trip pass lowers the cost to give Tugo a try, while the $15 Explorer Pass offers riders an extended trip time to support longer rides. We are especially excited to see steady growth in the utilization of the Tugo-For-All Pass which offers unlimited rides for only $5/year to low-income individuals receiving Medicaid, SNAP, or SunTran Economy Fares. Tugo-For-All memberships account for 22 percent of all Annual passes sold this year.

Bike sharing is changing the way people move around cities and Tucson is no exception. Over 12,000 trips have been taken on Tugo bikes so far this year accounting for approximately 2,300 pounds of CO2 emissions saved and over 24,500 miles travelled by bicycle. More information on Tugo Bike Share is available at: Details on pass options